Home Discussion Forum very STRANGE. read this. i think i met a witch?

very STRANGE. read this. i think i met a witch?

ok i’m starting to freak out. i met this girl, Aura, at my school and we have become good friends. i feel like i can tell her everything. lately STRANGE STRANGE STRANGE things have been happening to me. i’ll tell you 6 weird things that happened since i started hanging out with aura.
1.) i used to have bad acne for 3 years until now and 4 months ago i told aura that i wished my skin was completely flawless & perfect. she gave me this weird look and was like oh your wish will come true. a week later my face was completely clear and FLAWLESS it was like my wish was granted.
2.) my parents were planning to get a divorce and it was breaking my heart seeing them fight every single day. i told aura about this and a few days later they were like high school sweehearts trying hard to not keep their hands off each other and i walked in on them having sex ( ew i know!!)
3.) i had this really huge crush on Josh, a guy that goes to my school. one day i was like omg aura i want him so bad and she was like you’ll get him. and the next day josh started talking to me and all he even flirted with me. and now we’re currently bf/gf. i just thought it was weird because josh would never notice me in school and i was invisible in his eye. it was like he finally noticed me right after i told aura that i wanted him
4.) aura and i were having a sleepover at my place one night and i was complaining about how my boobs were too small. now theyre 2 CUPS BIGGER THAN THEY WERE A MONTH AGO! it was like a fucking miracle for me now i can wear V neck shirts with confidence, thanks to aura (i think?)
5.) there’s this girl at my school whos a b*tch and one day she was being nasty to me calling me a slut and everything, and i told aura that i wished something very embarrassing would happen to her. and then of course it did we were in math and apparently she got her period because there were bloodstains on the back of her white jeans. everyone died laughing and aura was like yeah dont mess with karma its a b*tch
6.) my favorite aunt had breast cancer and everyone thought she was going to die soon. after i told aura about her it seemed like she started to get better and now the doctors are expecting a full recovery from her
so what do you guys think??? it seems like everytime i tell aura my wish it COMES TRUE. it’s like she’s a witch!! she’s kinda pale, has long straight black hair, big blue-grayish eyes, and dresses in black. exactly how a witch would look like


  1. 1) you grew up (physically… but not mentally)
    2) They made up
    3) Because your acne is gone
    4) you grew up (again… physically not mentally)
    5) That b**tchy girl is starting puberty
    6) Chemotherapy

  2. Witches don’t ‘look’ like anything. None of them dress a certain way, or look a certain way.
    Maybe just putting your thoughts out into the world by saying them aloud helps. Maybe you just notice coincidences.
    Ask her if she happens to be Wiccan if you’re that curious. Just remember that they do NOT grant wishes or make things happen for sure. If it happened than it was meant to be, no manipulation on her part. The spells that Wiccans preform are more for strength, confidence, luck, nothing truly specific.

  3. It’s not that weird, and she doesn’t have to be a witch. You might want to check out the first book I’ve seen that uses quantum physics and other scientific studies to support claims of spirituality – then make up your mind. Check out THE FIELD by Lynne Mctaggart. I had to read it more than once, but it answered a lot of questions for me.

  4. Hi, It is common for all of the things you mention to occur. In life many more strange things await you and I hope you have a good ride. Your feelings that your friend is a witch may also have something to do with the way you think a witch should look. A witch can look like anyone and may not like to wear black. You could just ask your friend or, perhaps a better idea, why not just carry on having a wonderful supportive friend such as she is, witch or not, I mean, you love her anyway don’t you? After many years of having good friends I know you will find out in good time anyway. Blessed be!


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