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vasectomy question please help?

Last week my boyfriend had a vasectomy done.. everything went well he is healing well and all except one thing… he hasnt been able to ejaculate since having this done. We were wondering if this is something that could be from the procedure or maybe because we have been practicing tantra. He says it feels like and orgasm when having intercourse however no sperm comes out during climax. Anyone who could shed some light on this or help ease his mind would be much appreciated.


  1. I agree that it may be a little soon and he should give it a little time to heal. However I had a similar situation after my vasectomy. Eight days after my vasectomy I discovered that I had lost almost all ejaculatory sensation. Over the course of the next several months I also discovered that the volume of ejaculate had been reduced by approximately half (not the 1-3% , 1-5% it says in the sales brochures) and on several occasions there was none at all. I also lost almost all sensation related to ejaculation. Have him see if there is ejaculate in his urine afterward as this could indicate retrograde ejaculation which could be a sign of damage or other medical condition.
    I am curious though as I just researched tantric sex more in depth an it seems one goal is to stop/delay ejaculation. Could it be that he has simply accomplished that ? In any case if the problem continues he should see a doctor. I reccomend a dfferent Urologist a if there was any damage/injury the one who did the vasectomy is never going to tell you (liabliity issues). I had to go to a new one before I was taken seriously.
    Good luck I hope things work out
    Edit: For the gentleman stating that a vasectomy in no way inhibits the ejaculate from leaving the body. That is false as the whole purpose of a vasectomy is to stop sperm from leaving the body (estimates between 1-5% of ejaculate volume) and Urological journals say “most” not “all” men do not notice
    Here is a quote from one study
    “Disruption of the vas deferens through manipulation or transection results in changes in the mucosa, muscular layers, and coordination of contraction (Shandling and Janik, 1981; Janik and Shandling, 1982; Sandhu et al, 1992). The studies by Janik and Shandling in rats showed that instrumental manipulation (grasping with forceps, clamping with a hemostat) of the vas deferens leads to damaged muscle layers and abscess formation with minimal repair of the muscular layers at 6 months. Although infertility is the most feared complication of manipulatory trauma or transection of the vas deferens, DIMINISHED OR RETROGRADE EJACULATION MAY OCCUR AS WELL” (Janik and Shandling 1982).
    I welcome you to provide verifiable scientific/medial literature to the contrary
    Who is the clueless yahoo now ?

  2. I think he is just nervous about it. He needs to relax a bit, and stop thinking about it so much. A vasectomy can not affect this.
    A lot of things affect a mans ability to ejaculate (stress, alcohol, drugs, health, diet, hydration). If I have been drinking, it sort of goes numb down there, and that can make it take a long time to ejaculate. But that has NOTHING to do with having had a vasectomy.

  3. If what you say is true (and I doubt it), one does not have sex (of any kind) within a week of having a vasectomy. Having a vasectomy in no way inhibits the ejaculate from leaving the body.
    It’s obvious you’re a KID because your ignorance of a VASECTOMY is glaring. Any respectable doctor would not perform a vasectomy on a single man (or a boy in your case).
    Nice try hun, but you miss!
    Now, go play with your Barbie and GI Joe dolls.
    Oh, I had a vasectomy after 2 kids and 8 years of marriage and NEVER had any problems. I even had to have my wife present during the INTERVIEW when we asked questions.
    And those yahoos who fell for your nonsense are just as clueless.

  4. Vasectomy can affect ejaculation in at least four ways:
    1) decreased ejaculate volume (studies suggest the volume goes down by 40% in some men)
    2) vasectomy can cause retrograde ejaculation (the ejaculate or semen goes backwards onto the bladder) due to damage to sympathetic nerves that run with the vas deferens
    3) inability to ejaculate due to anxiety over pain – this can happen acutely during the healing phase or later if the man develops post-vasectomy pain syndrome
    4) Some men report decreased sensation during orgasm after vasectomy. There are no studies on this phenomenon.
    He should go back to the doctor who did the surgery for an evaluation.

  5. While most men have no problems after vasectomy with ejaculation and as long as he is getting the sensation but has no ejaculate, he probably has retrograde ejaculation. The ejaculate goes into the bladder instead of out the urethra. If a urine analysis was done it would probably show sperm. This should resolve. I would wait the recommended healing time of six to eight weeks before seeing the doctor again about it.

  6. I did a semen analysis before Vasectomy and 5 months after, and volume was down 60%. Doctors always try to modularize systems in the body, but all the parts work together, and to say that cutting the Vas can in no way affect the prostate or any other male anatomy in or near the vicinity is just wishful thinking. Also, some men react terribly to the sperm/blood barrier being broken like an allergic reaction. So just because you had a great surgery therefore everyone will, is like saying you are not allergic to peanuts, so nobody is.


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