Home Discussion Forum Vampire look here nobody just come and say they dont exist please?

Vampire look here nobody just come and say they dont exist please?

Im looking for others now that i know there are others as i found out today so please tell me wat type are u can u see or sense spirts let it out. Im a psi/energy vamp our as some say i suck people auras i can read auras and sense spirts.
I suck auras out of people
No v man i suck ther auras and i dont bite them


  1. I can sense spirits, I always have at least one spirit in my room. I can also use energy to get fire to do what I want it to (to an extent. I’m pretty new to it)

  2. I am an vampire…no jokes…I drink blood …but I can not see spirits…I can tell the future through…but only bad stuff…I became a vampire by someone bighting me…i think his name was Kule….IF you dont belive the evil spirits will come after you…

  3. i’m not an other kin, but i am an enthusist and a lover of all vampire. i am though a blood-drink and i dabble in channeling my psychic energy. i can not see auras wells, but i can feel peoples emotions from many feet away. i sense and sometimes see spirits. and i get very aggrevated when people say there is no such thing, and walk away as if they have won the argument, and cannot even prove their own existance.

  4. i can sense spirits…i can read peoples emotions…..and i can..now and then see into the future. but to find out more about this…i read a book called: “vampire slayers’ field guide to the undead.” it helped a lot but even if it says “vampire slayers” it doesn’t mean it is only for the slayers. you can use it against it…like a way to stay…well….here. i guess that is how u would put it. lol!
    good luck!!

  5. Just wanted to encourage you to not believe what all those non believers say… it pisses me off… although, i’m not a vampire, and i’ve had… ehermmm.. quite a few fight with them, i carry no grudge.. i am.. indead a lycan. but i stay away from magic and stuff like that, but all lycans have a bit of physological power.. i smell auras., but thats normal for me…. continue to get stronger. Make you’re family proud. (that is assuming you belong to a vampire family. u no- wolves packs, vamps families.) good luck. *grins*


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