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Tiger’s eye is a mystical looking gemstone that resembles a cat’s (domestic and exotic) eye. It is covered with colored stripes of red, brown and golden yellow. It has a silky, lustrous appearance and is typically described as a brown stone with bands of light. It is very beautiful to look at and simply gazing into it can calm your mind.

This stone has been used in meditation to help the mind focus. The colors and vibrations from tiger’s eye allows us to concentrate and control our thoughts. If you are doing spellcraft use this stone to meditate with before starting your spell or use it in a “ground and center” type of meditation. When doing spells it is important to visualize your goals to put them into action. Tiger’s eye is perfect to assist you in this process. It can also be used as a protective stone against spirits and ghost. Wear it during a full or new moon to protect against negative energies that might surround you. Some other added magical properties of this stone are courage, energy, luck and divination. Tiger’s eye is ruled by the Sun. Holding it in your hands can promote courage and confidence whenever you need it. It is also known to give people patience.

it. Polished stones are great for Tiger’s eye is inexpensive to buy. It cost around $1 to $3 a stone depending on where you buyjewelry making. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can vary greatly in cost. I’ve been able to buy a bracelet for about $5 but have seen them priced over $30. You could always make your own and consecrate your own stones. If you use this stone in magickal jewelry (jewelry worn in rituals or that gives you a specific energy for money, luck, protection, etc) then it would be best buy the stones and craft something yourself. If you at least consecrate it on your own it will become a part of your energy and be more effective when worn.

Used in decorating tiger’s eye can transform your work space. Placing it around your computer or desk will help you to concentrate and get your work done more efficiently. Place it on top of your computer monitor to gaze at periodically. This method could be applied anywhere. You can place tiger’s eye anywhere that you will be able to daze off and let your eyes fall into the stone. If your kitchen has a window in front of the sink place the stone there so you can see it as you’re washing dishes or place it in the bathroom by your bathtub where you can see and/or reach it.

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