Using the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye)?

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I am deep into spirituality and meditation, and do alot of chakra work. From experience I knew all my chakras were wide open as during chakra work, and now even during a regular day when im not working, I can feel the immense energies in all my chakras, especially the ajna. During meditation on it the energy is at a level where there is immense pulsating and the sensation of alot of energy at the third eye, and the ‘darkness’ one sees with eyes closed in a darkened room gets replaced by whiter and whiter shades, accompanied by flashing white lights eventually and a feeling of pleasant trance-like disorientation.
I had a subtle energy reading done by a mystic I learned reiki from, and she confirmed that I had a very surprisingly large aura, that all my chakras were active and that I had immense energy in them, my dominant aura color was blue-purple. She told me that while my third eye was unveiled and very active, I am not using it. She said this is possibly due to trauma in this life or another, and it would sort itself out on its own in time.
I wanted to know if there are any meditations/methods to actively seek the usage of an already unveiled and active ajna chakra?
Non-believers and people who have nothing to contribute in way of what I am asking please don’t bother posting, we all have our views you don’t need to try and poke at or denounce things you disagree with – your life will just be that much more filled with negativity if you go about denouncing everyone and everything you don’t believe in.
@ 2nd Poster:
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I am aware that cleansing and energizing and generally working with chakras, meditation and spirituality naturally enhance intuition latently. I am also aware of the immense downfall of getting attached to siddhis, but siddhis are useful in progress if you do not get attached to them. I am not interested much in clairvoyance, or telepathy or any of the “cool” siddhis, but more interested in solving the issue the mystic talked about where I am ‘not using my third eye due to trauma’ or for whatever reasons, and would not mind at all the assistance of intuitive Q&A sessions with the ajna chakra to help guide me and give me some clarity in the progress of my spiritual path..namely right now there is (and has been) a very strong calling to renunciate and return to India where I am from, and become the disciple of a certain guru I have had some experience with in the past. This is not an easy decision, and was looking for some higher guidance

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plushy_bear JPA

I have found that visualizations help me quite a bit. Have you tried picturing your third eye gently opening?
(I do Reiki as well and after major surgery, pictured a little person with a needle and thread closing my wound. I was back to work in 2 months. The nurse never saw anything like it. All visualizations).
Good luck!


The chakras are psychodynamic centers–metaphorically speaking–within consciousness and, being related to major nerve plexuses in the body, have correspondences in the brain and brain chemistry. When you do chakra work, you are playing around and modifying all of that, simply put. People do chakra work in the context of yoga and Hinduism and Buddhism to clear out subconscious complexes and habits and condtioning to become more fully volitional and “conscious” instead of habitual and reactive. That is all there is to it. Saying that a chakra is active or open is just throwing words around. You are either modifying consciousness or working through conscious content or not.
The ajna chakra is associated with intuitive abilities. By doing chakra work and meditative work in general, you will develop intuitive abilities that may include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and achievement of certain mystical states of awareness in waking, dream, and trance. How you want to use it when it happens is for you to decide, but serious practitioners just acknowledge that it is happening and let the experiences take their own course. If you grasp at experiences and the “siddhis” that ariseand become attached to them, you run the risk of limiting yourself from further progress.

Shari B

Opening up your Third Eye
Exercise Number One:
First make the sign of the cross over you, and to ask the Lord Jesus to bless this connection and meditation. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and envelope you so that you will sense the fullness of the Christ Consciousness plus widen your Third Eye. It is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, therefore it is necessary to invoke the Energy of the Holy Spirit.
Next, allow your mind to clear and be free of routine thoughts. Empty it completely. Then ask the Lord Jesus to come and surround your Auric Field with His divine Energy, and that will allow the Energy of the Holy Spirit to come and surround you. Then ask the Lord to come and wipe clean your Auric Field with His Hands, and you will sense this “Wholeness of Self” happen within you. You will feel this Energy of “surrounding love” and the “completeness of self”. You will also sense the Energy of the Holy Spirit and that is where your next step comes in: You need to sense your True Self, your Spirit Self WITHIN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. When you do this, you will notice that you are now having a clearer sensing of each and every kind of sensation there is. You will also find yourself noticing all that which is inside your vicinity, (your room where you are at), plus anything and everything even beyond your room. You will sense that you will be able to view psychically even into other room areas, plus outside in the front side and back yards, wherever you are. You will literally sense to the vicinity of about 50 feet in all directions. This 50-foot expanded view will only be in the Spirit Realm, the Spirit Dimension, and not here on the Earth plane with physical in the flesh people. Next try to sense with your inner locution, your clair-audience ability to hear if anyone in the Spirit Realm is speaking with you, and then hone in on the direction where the sound is vibrating from. You will hear words spoken quietly inside your mind, yet you will sense the direction from which the vibration of the words come from. Next try to sense who they are just by the vibrational field they possess. You can usually tell if they are a guide, a friend, a family member and of course if family, which family member they are in Spirit. All this is possible. Your now seeing with your Spirit Eyes, listening with your Spirit Ears, sensing with your Spirit’s senses. Your Spirit Body is completely inside your Physical Body, and what you are now doing is seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, sensing, and touching with your Spirit’s Eternal Thought Form Body within you. All this is important to keep consciously aware of so that you will be able to link directly to the Spirit Realm. Always use caution and be doing this all through the Holy Spirit Energy, and with the highest of purposes and intentions, so that you will be accessing the highest of Energies which is the Love Christ Consciousness Energy.
Exercise Number Two:
Imagine that there is a beige colored thin fabric draped over top of your Spirit Body that has been placed there. Ask the Lord’s permission to remove it now, and then ask to grab the cloth and slowly pull it off you. In doing so you will find out your answer. If you feel this fabric and draw it off the top of your head and place the crumpled fabric down in front of you, next try to see all that you now can see with your Spirit Eyes. If you now have the ability to view those in the Spirit Realm and see them easily, you know that the Lord granted you permission to have it removed. Otherwise, you will still see the same as before. Try that and then see what develops. You yourself have now granted permission to yourself to be viewing those of the Spirit Realm. That is a part of it. The second part is that the Lord’s Angels are also willing to aid you, too, which is where they inquire of God for permission as well, so with it being then God’s Will granted, you will then have access to higher energies, Chakras, plus will be able to use your abilities for Highest and Best Good.
Aligning to God Within Meditation Technique


My advice is to go to India as soon as possible and stay with your guru. Your are playing with fire. The first law is never arouse kundalini without the guidance of a master.
I hardly know where to begin… Perhaps I’ll clear up some of your misconceptions about the rainbow body, kundalini, the charka system and the third eye. You have said all of your charkas are activated which is not conducive in building the Antakarana … the rainbow thread … or its lens. Even though the average man has seven charkas only five of these can be functioning at any time. Of these five it necessitates arousal of three chakras above the diaphragm, one of being the head charka. This means that no one with three charkas functioning below the diaphragm can unfold the third eye. You have also said you have felt energy at the third eye. Although, I will use your words in helping you, it must be remembered, energy is a byproduct of light vibration. The vibration rate of each color of the rainbow is the key to any charka stimulus. The blue level, your dominant color is always knowing something through information which is stored or is forming concepts about information. Concepts of whatever we have stored up in our minds are actually useless for becoming enlightened or reactivating the third eye.
Causal matter is formless but has qualities. By infusing these qualities in ourselves (meditation techniques, serving mankind, certain rhythms of breath) we can attract the Atma — Buddhi — Manas into the aura. The Antakarana has to be built out of the atomic essence of these planes.
It is easier to say what the third eye is not. It is not an etheric charka though it is related to the Brow, Head, and Alta Major. Each charka is a battery and all three have to be charge and present. The third eye is not an endocrine gland though it is associated with both the Pineal Gland and the Pitutuitary Gland. It is an organ that emerges with the spiritual growth of the integrated personality. It results from the interplay, radioactivity and overlapping of the three centers just mentioned. The interplay of the three head centers produces a vortex of energy which, in turn becomes the focal point for the energies of Atma Buddhi and Manas at the center of the forehead. Imagine three magnets placed at the apexes of a triangle with their magnetic force fields circulating and overlapping each field within the triangle. At the center of the triangle where the three magnetic force fields cross is the third eye. It is the eye of Horus, of Egyptian mysticism; it is the straight poised snake of the Caduceus; it is the horn of the Unicorn; it is the biblical eye of “if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light”. It is an organ of inner vision of which it has been said: “Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity”.
Clue: Light embraces, Kundalini, consciousness and conscious awareness throughout the one note “OM” energy of existance.
Peace be with you, Asha Rishi Yogi

Greg Climes

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