using tarot cards, what does the empress mean reversed?

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Doing a two card spread-1 pile is major and 2nd pile minor. chose one magor and one minor. the major represents highest insight into where you are at the moment and the minor card will direct whether or not any action needs to be taken.
i choose the empress reversed and the 5 of cups.

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rac <

ssrempe? Sorry, doesn’t ring any bells.


Nothing Cards are just cards they can tell you nothing or do anything!


It seems a bit “reversed”, but you will find more information in the “Mythology & Folklore” section of “Society & Culture”. Here, you will receive a fairly large amount of debate.
It is the collective action of a group that determines evidence. In the R&S section, the people have spoken: it is officially meant to be a section for debate and argument. Because of this, I say that the ability to choose ‘best answer’ should, itself, be in debate here.;_ylt=AktCWeBU6zddqERMPnyhegvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081101021527AAHvdKp

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Mary lou
Reversed she shows unhappiness, sadness. Regret is shown by the 5 Cups. So a combination of upset & regret.


The Empress reversed signifies a blockage of creative energy. Upright, the Empress symbolizes the “great mother” – and in fact in many decks she is shown as a pregnant woman. In effect, she is the major creator of the Tarot deck. When the Empress is reversed, you are being told that the flow of creative energy is running into blocks – obstacles from either outside or inside forces. The 5 of Cups (which belongs to the Major Arcana V – the Hierophant) signifies loss–but most importantly the central figure is crying over 3 spilled cups, and doesn’t even see the two remaining upright (full) cups. This card encourages you to open your eyes to what is good and stop focusing on the bad. Hope this helps.


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