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Using "personal" magick rituals to makes our lives and others better. What do you think about the whole idea?

Using magick rituals to make changes for the better and many fields, this is my duty. I would like to know how do you feel and what do you think about the use of magick (sometimes “dark” but not completely black) for the right purposes, like putting a curse upon someone who raped or killed a loved one and cause this person to surrender and payback (no other person, just the involved).


  1. We must use magic for good intention. although you can use vodoo dolls to inflict suffering to others. Good example is that a woman visited a prisoner who killed his son. She was not angry but forgave the culprit and even gave Bible.

  2. I *never* curse or use magick to harm – never. Aside from that, personal magick is to me second to breathing. Rituals aside, its the little things we do…the little chants/spells that make the most difference (at least to me).

  3. “The end justifies the means.”
    using personal “magick” can be dangerous. make sure no one gets hurt except if its your purpose..

  4. i say go for it, if you think its for the best, but be sure! Ive got people back before, nothing serious just a little something to make me feel better.

  5. Love your pic!
    Yes i am human so i get where you are coming from, and there is much more i would like to do as well…!
    But i am studying Wicca, and they say “do as you will but harm none..”
    Also ther is the rule of three…whatever you put out will come back to you threefold, so the baddies will get their own X3, and you don’t want to be added to their list of causalities by having your”curse” come back to you three times…
    Let the universe and the legal system deal with them. Even though it would be soooo tempting!
    I am sorry that this evil has touched your life…..
    Blessed Be)o(

  6. I personally think that God can do the revenge thing himself and does not need any help from us, I have seen him repay those that did me wrong, and it was bad. Tho I do not see everyone being repayed, that does not mean that he does not do it for me. As for magic, i use to be wiccan, and since I have studied demonology and found out that demons live in nature and wiccans are worshippers of nature, it seems to be were my source of magic came from, so I abandoned it. If you would liek the short but sweet list of the demosn and where they live in nature, email me.

  7. I have never used magick to curse anyone. However, since I work with victims of domestic violence, rape, and many other forms of abuse, I do admit that it does makes me angry how the legal system many times let abusers go free. Which increases the burden on the victims.
    There are times in which, we need to take extraordinary steps in order to PREVENT an innocent person from being hurt. The key word here is “prevention”. Using magick to protect someone is acceptable, and if the criminal is hurt by the protective measures, it is acceptable.
    However, if the crime has been committed already, extraordinary means should be used to capture the criminal. Magick may be used to help us locate the criminals, and get him in court, so the prosecutor can do his job and put the bastard in prison, where he belongs.


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