Home Discussion Forum Using Feng Shui what can i do to make a home sell?

Using Feng Shui what can i do to make a home sell?

I know home sales are lowww at this time but is there anythign that i can do to the house that will attract buyers? I heard I can use a good fortune cat at the front door. Is there anything else I can use and or do to add more feng shui to the house?
Ps I dont judge your beliefes dont judge mine. In other word don’t leave an answer if its to critisize or send negativity. thanks for the good notes, and for not waisting our time.
This house has been re-painted, new energy windows installed, and it is clutter freee i wouldnt be trying to sell a houe that looks like rat hole.
I simply ask about feng shui becaue i enjoy the method and for those who dont know it or use it to each person there own. honestly with out being rude please dont leave answers to get points if you are not familiar with feng shui just move on to a nother question.


  1. I don’t think that the majority will understand feng shui, and personally, I think it is different for everyone:) ~But we all love Lucky Bamboo. From what I’ve watched on t.v. shows, the best things you can do to sell fast, it to minimize clutter~put everything in storage if you have to~so people can really see the home and it’s potential. Also, put on a fresh coat of paint. (neutral colors) And make sure that everything is spotless. Also, curb appeal…make sure your yard is groomed and looks great. And make sure that your price is comparable to other homes selling close to you.
    Best of Luck!!
    p.s..The cat by the door couldn’t hurt;)

  2. This isn’t feng shui but a common folk magick to sell a house is to bury a statute of St. Joseph in the front yard. Where I am from you bury him upside down. When the house sells you put him on a shelf. It doesn’t matter if St. Joseph is part of your culture or tradition, it works for everyone. Now. For Feng Shui, what one would use would vary from house to house, depending on what the particular house would need to improve it’s flow and balance of chi. Generally speaking though you are on the right track, have it uncluttered and try to have the balance of the five (Chinese) elements — water, wood, earth, metal and fire.

  3. Depersonalize Remove any personal-family pictures-portraits-mementos before anyone views the house.
    Buyers need to imagine their own family pictures there.
    Insist that bathroom doors remain shut.
    Make sure everyone is ready to sell. I recall trying to help a family sell a house. The teenage daughter did not want to move because of her boyfriend. About 2 wks after her boyfriend broke up with her and she was promised a car the house sold for the asking price.
    Turn all interior lights on 2 to 3 hours before anyone views.
    Close all interior doors- including sliding ones. Each room should be a surprise.
    Turn lights on near front door from dusk until bedtime – inside and out!
    Any empty rooms have lots of yin/stale energies- which blocks progress-use them each day, light them each day.
    Once a week open all doors and a few windows- not bathroom/toilet doors! – To allow good energy to flow through your home – then close them all again.
    No dried flowers, potpourri or stuffed dead animals.
    Make a “Welcome Station.” Have a table in the foyer or front room of the house, on the right as you enter the front door, with business cards, literature, a bowl of chocolates or caramel candies, and small vase of fresh flowers. Put this on a red-colored cloth. Make sure business cards are in an holder so they are not “laying down” on the job.
    Put the for sale sign on the dragon side, which is the right side looking at the house.
    This is more of a transcendental cure like St. Joseph but it may be worth a try,
    Remove something small form the top, middle and bottom of the house. top could be a tiny bit of shingle. middle should be from the kitchen like a tiny scraping inside a kitchen draw or cabinet and bottom can be a tiny piece of carpet.
    Place these three items in a red evelope.Take this item to a river or stream, preferably between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm (which is the most yang and powerful time of day). The faster the current, the better. Throw the item into the water and visualize letting go of the house. This active visualization aspect is most important and is the main focus of this exercise. With your hands in a prayer-like attitude, speak aloud your intention that you are ready to leave your home and want the right buyer to come as soon as possible. Give this your fullest attention of mind and sincerity of heart.
    Your home will make someone very happy. Visualize the right buyer catching up with your house. Before this you know that you don’t have the bad karma of not divulging something negative about plumbing or electrical problems or this won’t work. This mental imaging should visualize a win-win situation for both parties. Everyone gets what they want, the transaction goes smoothly and the outcome is positive for all involved.
    Wishing you all the best chi for a smooth transaction.


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