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Using crystal healing?

I’m going to a metaphysical store near me tomorrow when I get off work, and mostly will be picking up some crystal stones for chakra healing and other purposes.
The one’s I’m looking at for chakra healing are:
Root: Ruby
Sacral: Calcite
Solar Plexus: Citrine or Topaz
Heart: Emerald
Throat: Blue Agate
Brow: Lapis Lazuli or sapphire
Crown: Purple ameythyst or clear quartz
Also, I’m going to be getting some to make a necklace out of to aid in certain abilities as well as heal throughout the day. From my research, I plan on these for now:
Agate (for stress), amber (to rid negativity), celestite (to aid in astral travel), danburite (to increase spiritual awareness), moldavite (for spiritual growth), prehnite (meditation tool), smoky quarts (protect energetic field), sugalite, tiger’s eye, angelite, sapphire ( all to aid in psychic development), topaz (to re-energize), variscite (to aid in deep meditation).
I don’t know if they will have all of those, but I wrote them down and will take the paper with me to get what they have. My question is, is there anything additional anyone else would recommend?
Also, for cleansing them before use I plan to use incense and just brush the smoke around them, probably frankincense. Is there a better incense to use for this purpose, or would sage be a better choice, or something completely different? I tried to do a very thorough search on it all, I’m just looking for any other suggestions that may improve how well they work.
Thanks harpertara for the serious answer. I posted this here instead of R&S to hopefully avoid the types of answers the first 3 gave, but whatever.
Penn and Teller obviously had a biased view before going into it, therefore, their mind was made up before they gave it an honest effort. So I would rather not waste my time watching that. I’m new to crystal healing, but not really all that new to the spirit side. I know it exist from my own experiences, two idiots who have some TV show aren’t going to change my mind.

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  1. You need to download Penn and Teller’s “Bullshit” episode on “New Age Healing” and save yourself some money. Or just send me the money and I will do a remote healing for you.

  2. Bloodstone is good for physical health. Hematite is good for deflecting negative energy and protection in general.
    Sage would be best to use for cleansing. I would suggest dipping them in salt water also, then rinse with clear, blessed water. Then use the smoke.

  3. While this whole crystal business only acts as a Placebo (which is, admittedly, a good Brand) I will answer seriously that Sage is very effective and way cheaper than the alternatives. 2,000 generations of Indians can’t be wrong!
    Just remember that all the props and procedures do nothing of themselves, their only purpose is to assist the practitioner in gathering/manifesting/realizing and otherwise bringing from the metaphysical to the physical, that Energy which is Omnipresent.

  4. If Its a good Metaphysial Shop .They Can Guide You to the Rght
    Stone .
    I use Crown: Purple/ amethyst
    Brow : Blue / Sodalite , lapis lazuli
    Throat: Green/jade, turquoise,,malachite,aventurine,bloodstone
    Heart : Gold/ Moonstone
    Solar Plexus: Yellow/
    Citrine , Honey Calcite ,yellow aquamarine
    Sacral : Orange/Carnelian
    Root : Red/Red Jasper, Red Tiger Eye
    If You Can Find the Book ” Crystal Medicine ”
    ” Cyrstal Healer” or go to this site for help

  5. I would recommend white sage for the purification instead of frankincense. A necklace is a good idea, that way you can be healing whilst doing other stuff.
    For stress you could also use amazonite
    For re-energizing you could use moss agate which is more common
    But I pretty much agree with what you have got down. The only thing is whether the store will have them in!

  6. I have to go with bloodstone as well, though there are different types of it. It can also be rubbed on the skin to clear blemishes.
    Sage would work, but anything you charge with cleansing energy will be fine. You can also rub them with salt, run them under cold water, or leave them in moonlight to cleanse them.


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