URGENT: I need magickal talisman/amulet info: medieval? copper? lodestone? 4 influence? psychic defense?

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Do you consider magickal talismans more effective when they bear symbols deeply etched into the Universal Unconscious (of certain nations and/or faiths) such as Sigils, Wiccan Runes, planetary positions, magic squares, pentacles, sacred geometry? (rather than any random talisman that the wearer thinks “is pretty”)
*****What would be a good talisman to make others see you in a favorable light? (ie. to influence them to be positively responsive to you)
Does the metal in which it is cast matter at all? Is Copper the most “magnetic” or effective of all?
*****What is a good talisman to find the perfect home to live in? Would a lodestone do or is there a specific one?
Do you think that the best (most effective) talismans are the copper medieval ones from the Warsaw knight belt buckle such as seen here?
Or the Seal of Solomon siver-colored ones as seen here?
Or the copper voodoo ones?
Do planetary positions when the talisman was built matters when it comes to its potency? (or just p.p. when you program/activate it?)
_____Finally which is the best amulet to repel negative energy (psychic attack from looney praying zealot to convert you to his western religion) and send it back to him?
I’m exploring the powers of talismans as a way to tap into energy for manifestation. I am drawn to several and seeking opinions to help make my choice. Those that don’t believe please skip the question thanks
Oh man! Thanks so much Star Cherub! I came across the home page of that site just last week! (They have TONS of books) I was just wondering where I could read a talisman book for free, GGl was no help and I refreshed my question and BAM! Thanks! Off to reading… 🙂

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The best talismans are the ones that have a lot of energy and focus dumped on them. The ones that are charged the most.
All these questions would take a book to answer. You are in luck. There is a book online called, The Book of Talismans, Amulets, and Zodiacal Gems. http://www.sacred-texts.com/sym/bot/index.htm


I personally do not believe in the power of symbols themselves. Their power comes from what they evoke within us…so if the symbol means nothing to you, it will have no effect. I do not believe any of the things you listed are etched into the “universal unconsciousness.” Everything you list is pretty rare and pretty specific to certain small groups.
Since you’re talking sigils, magic squares and such, I’m going to answer this from a ceremonial magic perspective, which frequently DOES believe in the power of certain symbols.
*****What would be a good talisman to make others see you in a favorable light? (ie. to influence them to be positively responsive to you) Talismans are more about attracting influences to yourself, not making others do something. You should find a talisman assoicated with the particular qualities you’d like to project. Talismans associated with the Sun might be good.
*****Does the metal in which it is cast matter at all? Is Copper the most “magnetic” or effective of all?
Absolutely. Ceremonial magic is all about correspondances: planets, angels, matals, stones, animals, images, etc. Copper is the metal of Venus. Gold is the metal of the Sun.
*****Do planetary positions when the talisman was built matters when it comes to its potency? (or just p.p. when you program/activate it?)
Again, absolutely, because of correspondances.


wow lots of questions there 🙂
My answers would be as follows
Yes magical talismans are far more effective if you put more into the creation of them than just slapping some paint on something and stringing it round you neck. Each action of creation weaves another layer of meaning, and therefore another layer of magic into the talisman.
I don’t know what would be a good talisman for you because as I’ve said, the more put into it means the more personal it is, so the more personal it is the more effective it is (which is no help at all really is it – sorry) The very action of researching and choosing the design is part of the layering, the foundations if you like – because with every magical act you can put as much or as little into it as you want – for instance you could go online and pick a symbol from a random site, OR you could do that, then research the symbol, then research the culture or area it came from, why it meant such and such and for how long etc – do you get where I’m coming from?
There are magical correspondencies for metal as well as everything else – look it up online – metals are also linked to planets and/or gods so you can also layer the creation again right there.
Again regarding the ‘perfect home’ you need to pick for yourself, if it was me i’d be going with something grounded and strong.
Likewise regarding the source of the symbols, YOU and only you can make that decision – If I say ‘oh this one’ that would be right for me because it is my intuition picking it when it should be yours. (I would say do not mix your cultures and RESEARCH everything – make doubly sure there are no adverse links with whatever you pick)
You can certainly use planetary positions, and moon phases – and anything else of an astrological nature when making talismans. You might benefit from researching the gods and goddesses linked to whatever metal you use, and what days and times of day they relate to. An ephemeris will give you this information (please make sure it is correct for your country – for instance Llewellyn’s will not work for the UK and vice versa)
As for the loony praying zealot – aw – why spoil his fun? It keeps him happy and off the street where he might fall in with a really bad crowd 😉
(and the serious side to that last tongue in cheek bit is why ‘give’ him the power by thinking he can either have any effect on you, or by thinking you need to make a talisman against him – if he’s a genuine nutter then he’ll move on to another target sooner if you just ignore him)

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