Home Discussion Forum Uranus transits and excess kundalini energy?

Uranus transits and excess kundalini energy?

Is there a connection?
Vic- I have been reading up on Uranus lately. Thanks for letting me know that a trusted astrologer has heard of this even if you don’t necessarily believe it yourself.;)
I’m not afraid to ask the important stuff even if nobody understand. 😉

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  1. I really would not know. I have never heard the two put in the same sentence before. But I would think no. Uranus transits are know to increase nervous energy though.

  2. I personally don’t touch those planets for astrology, BUT my friends who swear by them say that in fact there IS a connection. One of these friends is extremely reliable as an astrologer, and therefore I would give a lot of credence to her opinion on this.

  3. OMG . hon, ther you go again with them uranus and them energies.
    …..geeez, my ruling planet is um, uranus and i love tortellini LOL. is that the same thing or …er…..am i wrongly connected and stuff ?
    …. i ain’t laughin at the qwestion hon but darn krappers, I figure that this kunda stuff is like food for the soul maybe LOL . dunno but i might get a B- for tryin’
    edit Tom dude.. that is some heavy sh*t on them links. nice work dude. It’s like something hit me with a sledge hammer LOL. darn good stuff.

  4. There’s a strong link between *uraeus* and kundalini, definitely:
    The link between Uranus and kundalini is the 2012 prophesy. For the kundalini half, see this link:
    The uranus half I’m far wobblier on, but suspect it’s the energetic implications of its magnetic pole pointing straight at the earth’s secondary (old) magnetic pole round about then.


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