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Uranium: should we have taken it out of the Earth and released all that energy?

Methinks that that might not have been such a good idea. To date we’ve detonated over 2000 nukes for “testing.” Maybe this stored material contributed to maintaining our magnetic field, or helping the Earth be electrically conducive. I can’t shake the feeling that it was performing its role in regulating our planet’s energy fields.


  1. Well….we could have left it layin around for our children to play with….who cares if its highly unstable and will kill a person with radiation poisoning?

  2. You misunderstand the role of nuclear weapons in the cold war. You should understand that the spread of communism caused the deaths of tens of millions. Those tests had their use.
    The uranium in the earth produces a certain amount of heat energy, but that energy is being produced whether the ore is in the earth, or purified for use in a reactor. The main influence in the earth’s magnetism is iron, most of which is found in the earth’s liquid core.
    Uranium and nuclear power provide a wonderful energy source, one that we could use to reduce the use of oil (and lower gas prices at the gas station!)
    Don’t worry, the use of uranium is a good thing!


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