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Universal consciousness? Matter perceiving its own existence?

Humans and other species have consciousness. Humans in particular, can understand concepts such as gravity, atoms, quarks, and all of matter. But humans are simply made of a specific arrangement of millions of particles. And yet these particles are working together to perceive their own existence? Is this not a universal consciousness? Matter perceiving its own existence? Your thoughts on this?


  1. Seems like this would indeed be the reason. But…thats were religion and faith comes in. And acceptance. Some people may not see a problem with what you wrote as true, and some may be deeply disturbed.

  2. Yeah, you can think of it that way – in a sense, consciousness is literally the universe reflecting on itself, through the individual points of view of beings. “Our consciousness is like the universe’s way of looking at itself in a mirror” (I’m paraphrasing someone, but I can’t remember who). Pretty cool idea, and can be an inspiring insight for people deeply invested in modern materialistic views of the world.

  3. When awareness (self-awareness) is self-aware (aware) the you-niverse appears as it is NOW in this very moment.
    Whether its matter perceiving its existence or existence perceiving its matter is irrelevant. Awareness is reflected upon itself like an echo in a cave. The constant reverberations reveal patterns (space, time, energy, matter) and we call it the you-niverse. Humans in particular have become accustomed to identifying themselves only with a small fraction of this Awareness (intentional actions of the organism). We kid ourselves into believing we’re ONLY just a wave and not the ocean. We limit ourselves to the branches yet deny our connection to the vine, which is silly because there is no such thing as a bush with branches but with no vine, and we certainly don’t view them as separate entities.
    Truly truly as you view outward into the you-niverse you are viewing YOURSELF, reflected back at you as “other” aspects of Awareness.

  4. Say I am conscious and I have a thought. The thought does not lead to consciousness. All I can do is observe the material world. So can i say thought perceives matter? I have invented the wheel, mathematics, chemistry, iron, steel, plastic, and so on. So can i say, thought IS matter? OK, all of the total material is total thought, not consciousness. Consciousness is immeasurable, not quantifiable, in-containable.


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