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Understanding the consciousness of other organisms?

Okay, I want to know how my dog thinks. How conscious are dogs compared to humans. In order to do this I must compare myself to a higher consciousness, but I am having trouble trying to picture what would I be like if I was more conscious of myself. I just can’t do that because I feel instinctively that human consciousness is the maximum amount of consciousness an organism can achieve.

What would it mean if we were more conscious of ourselves? Would we be able to process more in our brains? Also, what would you imagine the consciousness of a dog would be like?

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Firstly animals rely more on their intuition in order to act, whereas humans will tend to use their logical brain, our consciousness. However, we see that dogs are able to be taught in how to follow simple commands.i.e. Sit, down, here etc. So we can say that a dog has a limited range of understanding, as well as having at least some sort of logical consciousness i.e. “if I do this I am rewarded” To say humans have achieved the highest level of consciousness possible would be a little over zealous. Personally I believe different people have different levels of… Read more »


I think everything has a mold and out of that mold comes the living
human has a human mold the mold it self is the god
a dog has a mold and the mold is the god
the only way to know what a dog feels is to
shape shift
but without this ability we can only guess
my guess is that non human creatures
dream worlds as high as our world
they just wake up and do stuff to perform
maintances on their bodies
I do feel humans spent more productive higher time in dream worlds long ago…
but we shifted over
(thank you cortez what a killer)

Sarahh ♫

Well, just because we cannot fathom a higher consciousness, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. Think of it as intelligence. Maybe there are aliens out in the universe that feel MORE than we do. Different feelings. Like a sixth seventh, eight sense that we cannot even fathom. The consciousness of a dog involves feelings, of course. Stress and hunger, most basic feelings. But also feelings such as detatchment, as many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. I once heard that a dog is as smart as the average two and a half to three year old.

Mustafa H

I will have what you having.


The wordy geniuses try to encapsulate even the very wisdom of God: Knowest thou not, that the wise shall be cast down and wisdom spoken throught he mouths of babes


I suggest that you check Quantum consciousness you are pondering one of the hardest subjects imaginable here but I believe that the mistake you are stuck in at the moment is to place a limit on the nature of conscious before being able to define what it is

Hammer Smashed Face

read H.P. Lovecraft. Many of his stories involve beings that are too complicated for us to comprehend or even sense, and to them we are as single celled organisms are to us.


Read some Timmothy Leary, he writes some stuff along these lines.

The History of Things to Come, part IV, I think.

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we would explode…

with more consciouness equal more defects

right now we’re already bombarded with stresses, hormones changes and depression.