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Understanding subconscious female mind.?

This is a question for those interested in body language and the subconscious.
Ok, you are a young woman and you go to the pub with people from the office. First two men sit at the table opposite one another, one is married, much older and you have been friends with for a few years, the other you have known for a few months, is single and your own age.
The girl is next to arrive at the table, there are many seats either side of the two men to choose from. Could you give me as many answers and reasons as to what it means where she sits. i.e. what it means if she sits next to the new guy, close proximity, or across so she can look at him or to keep her distance.
Also how much thought do women put into where they will sit?
Thanks, can as many women comment as possible. When there have been lots of comments I will add more details to see how what really happened affects your answers.
OK, she did not sit in the nearest available seat.
More details to follow.
Well she sat next to the new guy. I don’t think she took into consideration best view of the rest of the bar just because of our previous outings.
The last time we went to the pub she also chose to sit next to me (as I am sure you have guessed by now.).


  1. Personally I would sit next to the person I already know and across from the new guy. This is more of a comfort factor than anything else.

  2. Me personally I would probably sit in between both of them. I would be close enough to my close friend if I felt uncomfortable for any reason, and I would be close enough to flirt with the single guy if he’s my type.

  3. where she sits may actually have nothing to do w/ either guy. she may sit where she can see the rest of the bar, keep an eye on her ride, be facing the door looking for someone else, or have a multitude of other reasons totally unrelated to the guys.

  4. Too too much detail about where the men are sitting and ages and marital status.
    A woman will sit in the best light for her best feature.
    She will sit nearest to the person who will make her look slimmer/younger/better profile
    She will make sure that she is in the path of the passing male traffic so that she is seen and can be seen
    You have a long long long way to go in understanding the mind of a woman!

  5. I think, in that situation, I would have sat next to the older, married man and across from the single guy.
    You also need to take power into consideration. Was the older guy in a more powerful position with the company? At any office gathering, people tend to sit next to them first. So it might not have had anything to do with personal feelings, and everything to do with politics. 😉

  6. Well I would sit next to the married man If we are friends and we know each other for years, but not to close and right across from the guy that is available if I just happend to like him and want his attention.

  7. I think really it depends on her connection/attraction to each mean. Doesn’t mean both of them will be present in her mind but can play a part. If she has a really close friendship with the married man and in her first few moments of having met the new guy doesn’t really find him attractive- she may sit near the married man. Just because he is a source of security and comfort. However, on the flip side she may choose to sit next to the new guy because hey maybe she thinks she hasn’t gotten to know him well enough and would like take this opportunity to find out all about him on a strictly platonic level. Then she could also be thinking that she wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about her relationship with the married man out of respect for him and his wife- and so choose to sit near the single new guy. Or she could be attracted to the married man and may choose to sit next to him because she enjoys flirting with him or enjoys the fun feeling she gets when she is close to him. And we haven’t even begun to touch on the fact that she may choose to sit next to the new single guy because he is just that. Maybe she is attracted to him, wants to have her opportunity to maximize her flirt power with the subtle touches and glances that she wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to have if she sat across from him or next to the married man.
    To tell you honestly it really is quite difficult to answer your question, because as women we are very complicated and could have a million and one different reasons for why we may do something. Nothing is ever just one way or the other. Each case, each scenario is very different.

  8. She might sit next to the single guy because she thinks he’s cute and she wants to get to know him better…
    She might sit across for the single guy because she likes his personality and conversation and she in interested in what he has to say…
    She might sit next to the married guy because she knows there must be something good about him because he is already married…because women want the same thing and if this guy good enough for one women to marry then he’s good enough for her…
    She might sit across for the married guy (if they work together) she might be trying to get to know him on a professional level….

  9. You must really like this girl. I doubt she thought that much into where she sat. I personally am more likely to sit somewhere because of its proximity to the bathroom/bar/dance floor/etc. or how clean/comfortable that particular seat looks.


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