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Under psychic attack from Christians? How would you protect yourself?

Weird things have been happening in my mind lately and I was just able to trace it to a Christian friend and a chat we had a few weeks ago. He was confronting me as to why I refuse to believe in his Jesus and his boring and much evil blue book.
He’s one of the worst breed of those types and so I suspect he’s doing psychic attack on me (aka prayer possibly by a group of them) to try and convert me. As a result? I’ve developed a strong interest in Voodoo, a fascination with weird stuff, and a faith in powers which I know to be powerless unless I put my belief in them. I also have been casting spells right and left.
I’ve emailed him to ask him to stop it. Of course I shall do a spell of protection and an invocation to return the energy where it comes from.
But what specifically would you do? (Amulets? Candle spell? Specify and be specific in your specifications please)


  1. …. OK, if you are serious you need some psychiatric help or the Holy Spirit and the Devil are trying to get your attention.

  2. You have a faith in powers which you know to be powerless unless you put your belief in them. Powers can be rendered useless without faith. Stop believing he has powers against you. His powers are then useless. Problem solved.

  3. If this is not a joke then you really need to take responsibility for your actions. You cannot blame things that you do on other peoples prayers, even if you truly believe this person is doing this to you they still only have as much power over you as you allow them to so stop any behaviour you dislike by simply not doing it and quit making elaborate excuses for your strange obsessions. By the way this is a joke right?!
    OK, apparently it’s not. Thank you for your email calling me an idiot Chris, it really helped me to see you as a victim, perhaps a habit of attacking people for no good reason is what got you to this state of paranoia. Good luck finding the right amulet but may I suggest that if that doesn’t work you try being civil to others. I wish you well.

  4. I have spirits that protect me such as volkhs, courtwind angels, gryphons, dragons and a gargoyle on the way. Take a look at this site:
    I also have this to help me:
    Also this seller has other items that will help that I want to buy but need more money first lol.
    Hope this helps. 🙂
    Lol @ Missi XD And I also agree with maggie w. *nods*

  5. Ooooh been there, done that, got the T-shirt!
    I found the best way to make it stop was to use mirrors. You can go to any craft store and buy a small package of tiny, round mirrors. Put them everywhere. Charge them with the intent that whatever is being sent to you with this kind of “converting” energy be returned right back to them. Put them around your altar, in your car, etc.
    You can also buy a simple 7 day candle and charge it with the intent that they simply stop trying to force you to believe what they want and leave you alone. Let it burn the whole time. Good luck!

  6. Just do all the naughty things. Next time he comes around, leave the door open, play heavy metal – Cradle of Filth will do, and curse loudly while effing your girlfriend up the behind and while she defaces a crucifix.
    He’ll stop coming around and simply pray for you instead.
    Frightening him away is probably nicer than a voodoo curse.. no need to harm him, he’s just a little misguided.
    I also agree with Maggie W. 🙂

  7. Learn to love them, pity them and use their own beliefs against them by forgiving them “for they know not what they do”. These misguided people think that everyone should believe as they do to have a happy and fulfilling life and to set things right with their view of deity. Sometimes they forget their own concept that we are all children of the Divine creator. Somehow they think that the more souls they get for their limited version of God gets them a better seat in the after-life. I feel sorry for all people who’s limited views of deity keep them from loving their fellow man/woman as intricate and beautiful aspects of the divine. Peace&Love be with you…~M~

  8. You are taking the wrong approach. Look at the history of Christians and how they have treated people who believed in the old religions. Think about the burning times and the inquisition. Now think of how your friend has been brainwashed and no longer thinks for himself. He needs help. Your intention should be to free him from his masters. Cast your spells to help him, not to harm him. Cast spells to enlighten him and let him see what he has become!

  9. I would carry a metal umbrella to avoid being stoned. You might also want to consider wearing something made from asbestos so that you won’t burn if the crowds make you the central piece of their bonfire;)


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