Under basic beliefs of reincarnation, can someone reincarnate as amoebas, a plant or bacteria in yoghurt?

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Alex (Laika)

MMM….. Christian Froghurt!!!


are babbies christian reincarnations?

ASL Terp

I just got done with a World Religions class and this is how I understand it:
India was made up of “castes” for centuries. If you were born in a certain caste that is where you stayed. You were in the lowest or highest caste, or any in between, because of what you did in a previous life. So you are stuck in your place in society for life, no working your way up the ladder.
If you led a good life, etc, you were reborn to a higher caste. So Hindus do not believe in reincarnating into anything but another human body.
It is pretty much like most religions…it was designed to let the people in power stay in power. Kings did it too. They were a “appointed by god” so it was “god’s will” that you be poor and your kids starve while the King is eating on golden plates. But the peons eventually got smart and overthrew most monarchies.


yogurt, cow, what’s the difference? when someone is reincanated i will imediately eat them.


A soul has to pass through millions of different crits, creatures and animals before he is given a human body. The human body is the most superior and is the highest in reincarnation terms. After you have a human body you are not born as a amoeba or some insect and creature again. As a human you are constantly born again and again as a human till you acheive moksha/ nirvana/ liberated from the karmic cycle of reincarnation.
So a human won’t be reborn as a amoeba. But an amoeba may be reborn after several more superior cycles of re-birth as a human.


Hm. Can someone hack off his lower jaw with a chainsaw, stick fiery needles in his eyes and jump into a vat of slow-acting acid? Yes, if he wants to. But your question is moot, because it’s inconceivable that anyone would want to.The dynamic of reincarnation is always to progress, gain enlightenment, perfect the self.


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