undaground hip hop album!!?

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if u want a good undagroung hip hop album, from BOSTON that just droped go cop this>> MASS MOVEMENTZ<< heres a traklist.. 01. There Will Be Leedz Feat. DJ On And On 02. Play To Win Feat. Slaine, Dre Robinson & Ray Diamonds 03. Everybody Raps Feat. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush 04. Bangmatic (Matty Trump Remix) Feat. Ill Bill, Slaine & Reef The Lost Cauze 05. King Of The Jungle Feat. Blaq Poet, Jaysaun & Termanology 06. Do My Thang Feat. Pacewon, U-God & Bomshot 07. My Zone Feat. Casual, Fatlip & C-Rayz Walz 08. WERS 88.9 Interview 09. Thrown Punches Feat. Copywrite, Prone 2 & The Rhyminal 10. Cocaine Cowboys Feat. Slaine, Amadeus The Stampede & Rite The Hook 11. Something To Eat Feat. Bad Newz, Al-J, Edo. G & J The S 12. Too Many Mcs Feat. El Da Sensei, Pacewon & MC Exposition 13. Today Aint Right Feat. Blak Madeen & Stucat 14. Evil Doers Beware Feat. Last Emperor & MC Exposition 15. Interlude Feat. Ricky Mortis 16. Spikes The Punch Bowl Feat. Esoteric & Awkward Landing 17. Globe Holders (Remix) Feat. Wise Intelligent & Elementz Zazen 18. Pictures On The Wall Feat. Skinny Cavallo 19. The Epidemic Feat. Rhetoric 20. Lowlife Feat. Rite Hook 21. Visions Of Hell Feat. Amadeus The Stampede & Benny B

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great, now what is your question?


Sounds dope.

-kN0!Ze- [Lakers 47-10]

i’ve heard some of these already.
i’ll get it though.
good artists.


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