Uncomfortable pain During Astral Projection?





When ever im about to do it i get a really sore pain in my side and it stops me from leaving. Is there a reason why this happens? and is there a techneque or way that i can Astrally Project without ths pain? thanks.


  1. Hi, I used to feel pain when I astral projected too. I had that problem for years. Then last year I saw what was going wrong. There was someone (in the astral realm) next to my body that was poking me. After that I raised my vibration and the evil entity stopped bothering me. A week ago I had my first painless astral projection. It just felt good. First I vibrated, then I suddenly floated above my body. I couldn’t see anything though and I was glad, because I was afraid of seeing something scary.

  2. I feel the same pain on the side of my body when I lucid dream. I thought it was a muscle above my hip/left lower back but the pain got deeper the more I dreamed. I think it is a kidney pain that intensifies the further I go and the larger my dream images are.

  3. my girl pulls me in to her’s when we sleep together …i can see things happing to her and i try to stop it but i get pushed away from her and i cant stop them..when we awake i ask her questions and the all match up to what i saw. why and what the hell is this..

  4. Hi Mak,
    There should be no pain with astral projection. The body has to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Any pain or even tension anywhere in the body will tend to make it difficult, if not impossible to project.
    The best position to project is on our backs, arms at our sides, legs relaxed with heels touching or not but as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
    Next you need to progressively relax each part of your body so for example start with your head and relax all the muscles there and slowly move on down the neck and shoulders, arms , back etc. Don’t rush things.
    Breathing should be relaxed and natural, through your nose is best.
    For more techniques and tips on projecting this site is one of the best: http://www.astralweb.org.
    If you want, feel free to email me if you have any other questions or if you are still having any trouble.
    Kind regards,

  5. you shouldn’t feel pain while trying to astral project :/
    i know that the easiest way for me is to go to bed normally and go into sleep paralysis. To me sleep paralysis is the precursor to astral travel 🙂 it can be hard to force yourself to go into sleep paralysis…and trying to hard will just make you uncomfortable or make it not work 🙂
    i think some people can astral project at will but that is probably i highly worked for skill and i know i can’t do it without going into sleep paralysis first.
    through sleep paralysis you will hear all sorts of wierd noises like banging, doors opening, voices, music, a high pitched tone, drums, all sorts or weird stuff. but you gotta stay calm during it 🙂 usually 1 min later i feel myself start to slip out of my body….and woah if you haven’t astral traveled before, i’m warning you to be prepared for it….cuz seriously….its just woah….*Shudder* its like you feel both your physical and astral body at the same time during the split. my astral body usually moves involuntarily during the split, at first i thought it was my physical but then i was like ‘no it can’t be cuz i’m forcing my physical LEG TO STAY PUT!!’ so yah…..by 2 minutes you should be out 🙂
    to get into sleep paralysis….its like you gotta let your body fall asleep first….very hard for me…..its easier for people who are already tired cuz they just let their body go and some just keep their mind a little aware as they are drifting off into sleep and then BAM they hit sleep paralysis 🙂 WEEEE!!!!! 🙂
    feel free to contact me if ya need! 😀

    • I also go into sleep paralysis to try and astral project. I succeed in that though I?ve never actually projected yet. During paralysis, my chest feels like there is a weight on it. I?ve read posts that say I should just focus on it, but when I did I, my stomach got this burning sensation. I tried to focus on that too, but the burning only got more intense. It was to the point where I couldn?t take it anymore. Am I doing something wrong. I keep being told that I shouldn?t feel pain when trying to project. Please help if you can.

      • Hi Kamir
        I have Astro traveled for over 40 years, and for those who say there should be no pain are wrong, i endure the same pain just before exiting my body, next time u get the pain try rolling out sideways out of your body.

  6. its probably due to the silver cord that connects your body and and astral form needing lubrication. try some K-Y jelly, especially around your rear entrance, which is where the cord connects. If you believe this stuff you will end up being screwed anyway so its best to be prepared.

  7. relax, lye down, make sure you are as comfortable as possible, a trance state of mind help for this too…and why would you post a question like that here, in a place filled with xian scum and morons who won’t understand…..you might not be a Satanist, but this place can help you out with stuff like that alot better. joyofsatan.com (join there email group and they’ll answer any questions you may have)

  8. Preparation H helps with that!
    The last time I had something projecting from my astral and it was painful, I tried that, and it REALLY works!
    You may need a stool softener too, bud.
    **Ramesses: moron? Moi?

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