Types of magicians in myths and vampires?

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What are different cultural witches- examples are like shamans, satanists, ect. and different types of vampires (also cultural, no twilight please)?
@Jigga- I said cultural, that’s a TV show. :/
@Jigga again- Oh lol.

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The Culen Clan
Hey Robby, just to add; The Culen Clan isn’t a tv show it’s from twilight..

ツтєχυαℓℓу α¢тινє

Criss Angel.

Kewl you should come up with that. Exclleten!


well, there are spiritual vampires which feed off of energy of people instead of blood. i there called sanguinarian. lol but i cant remember the rest
good luck!


First is the one which is most important to our heritage and least talked about: I won’t link you to it but look up the Secret History of Vergil the Magician by Alexander Neckham and you will discover the two variations on it:
Vergil himself was the poet who wrote the Aeniad and like Roger Bacon, Sir Francis Drake and Pope Sylvester II was reported to be a powerful Wizard. Sir Francis Drake is sometimes named as the leader of the Wild Hunt.
Alexander Neckham was apparently a monk who was trying to be a Wizard. Neckham comes from Nequam which means “bad”. His biography, if true reads like a medieval Dr. John Dee, a courtier of Elizabeth the first who practiced Thelemic Magic.
In parts of the south you will find people known as root doctors. Much that has been published about them suggests they are white black and of mixed race and have a wide range of British African and Native American charms at their disposal, though their race is not always factor in the origin of their charms. As such they are somewhat related to the African Sorcerors and their descendents who practice Santeria. Vaudon or Voodoo is also in this cultural context.
There are traditional Medicine Chiefs of the Native Americans, the Shamans of central and south america who incorporate ingredients as diverse as Yage and cigarettes, and the Shamans of Siberia where the name originated.
Those are some examples of wizards in traditional lore.


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