Two questions: (1) What are your religious beliefs? and (2) Do you you think astrology is real?

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Be honest. I don’t ask this question to judge the wisdom of any particular beliefs. I’m just curious if there is any correlation. Feel free to explain why you believe what you believe, too.

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(1) No beliefs
(2) No.
Superstition is superstition.


No and no. I have no religion and astrology is a load of crap.

Jeff S Oops

Yes, i’m quite sure 1/12th of the global population will all be having the same things happening to them.


Anything that ends is logy means the study of something. So yes astrology is the study of something. I don’t know if it’s real or not.

No Chance Without Jesus

Your eye looks like an Olive
No. I was born under the sign Maternity


I don’t know

Le BigMac

1) none 2) no

Anthony D

1.) Christian
2.) No.
Astrology purports to describe events in the physical universe, but there are no physical mechanisms by which what is supposed to happen could happen. It is a pseudo-science in other words.

Bill B

1) Christian (United Methodist)
2) No, I don’t believe in astrology.
Peace, Bill


1) I’m not superstitious, religious or theistic in the slightest.
2) It’s real because people “practice” it, but it’s a load of crap.


Christian…..astrology is the study of personalities by birthdate which is true and fascinating….but forget tarot and mindreading….im not into lies…ONLY GOD KNOWS the future


1) I’m zen buddhist.
2) Astrology is not real.

Thee Legend Ted Andru

1-devout Christian
2-the Bible warns us to stay away
there’s a lotta bull scinetists tell us.

Michelle R

I don’t have a religion. I am an atheist. I do not think astrology is valid. I used to, but I educated myself out of it.
~Ex-Christian; former new ager; agnostic atheist (and daughter of a woman who does astrological charts for people)


1) I’m a Muslim
2) Astrology is of two types. The type where they use the stars to tell the future I feel is false, but the type where they use the stars to figure out where you are, etc is true.


I believe God is love. Jesus died for my sins so I would spend eternity free from this sometimes painful body and have all the delights He offers to everyone.
I do not believe in astrology but as we are all energy I believe the universe and nature (the sea, the moon) and that others also affect us as we are all connected in some way. The six degrees of separation.
Fun question. Answer yourself? As I would like to know what your thoughts on this are.

Got Proof?

1) Atheist, because there is no evidence whatsoever that gods exist
2) Astrology is nonsense because it isn’t based on any factual or scientific evidence

Mr. Smartypants

I am agnostic, meaning only that I honestly admit what I don’t know. I have beliefs, mostly eclectic little bits and pieces I’ve picked up here and there, things that seem reasonable and believable to me. I tend to shy away from obligatory doctrines.
I don’t believe in astrology. I don’t see any reason to believe in it.

Ace McFace

well i believe in God and Jesus and i think there can be some truth in astrology; my sister has researched this before and thinks that its possible that God put patterns in the stars and people have found them and correlated personality traits with birth years, etc as some birthday profiles based on astrology in books (not cheap teen magazines) can be pretty accurate

John the Buddhist

1. I am a Buddhist
2 I don’t know. I am a Taurus, and I HATE HATE HATE change, at least i used to. It used to cause me great anxiety, which i understand is a taurus trait. But I don’t know enough about astrology to judge, so I don’t judge. It may be for real, maybe not.


1) I believe any belief system has a probability of being right, and that there are more important things than fighting over which one that is.
2) No, I do not believe in astrology.


1. Christian
2. I do not know, but the Book of Enoch goes into details about the angels that came down and mated with the humans, and told the names of the different angels and what they taught the humans. Barkayal taught the observers of the stars.


1. Christian
2.Astrology is not real,its is like false prophesy , But Sun, Moon ,planets cant effect human life ,


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