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Two Become one flesh doesn't make sense?

In the occult there is a concept called auras (which is a bioelectric field surrounding every person that is certain colors and strength corresponding to the emotions, energy levels, thoughts, intentions, and psychical, mental, spiritual health, this aura can be healed, cleaned and strengthened through meditation) and when two people have sex gay or straight these two auras are intermingled and at one point its thought that the two become one. Now the Christian idea is that they are one flesh when you think about it this not only doesn’t make sense but gives off a vibe of uniting minds and losing individuality which is unhealthy. It doesn’t make sense also because as soon as the people stop having sex and part their ways there auras are no longer mingling.
How does the Christian View Make Sense in light of Spiritual Truth


  1. Maybe they are referring to reproduction. It takes two sets of DNA to make a third. A person’s aura would not be considered flesh. Perhaps flesh was used as a metaphor. I honestly have no idea and am taking guesses on how to interpret that.

  2. It does not mean that people become LITERALLY one flesh. It means love and unity.

  3. I did not see you discuss PROCREATION in your explanation. This is one possible explanation for two becoming one- it’s actually the possible result. The two becoming one is meant to be a spiritual statement, and it is not a Christian idea only.
    Auras? I am sure there would be a different aura for a gay union as opposed to straight. One reason for this is the absence of PROCREATION.

  4. First of all Christianity and the Occult are NOT linked together in any shape, form or fashion.
    When it says “being one in the flesh” it is not to be taken literally. You common sense already told you that.
    You have to look at it from a SPIRITUAL stand point. When two people think exactly alike or take the same views on something they are are acting as “being one in the flesh”.
    They agree on the same things all the way down line. It has to do with your beliefs, not your body.
    Not two bodies joining together, but two minds joining together so that their actions in the flesh are the same or as one.

  5. The answer lies in the mystery of unity. Mankind is to reflect the image of God. Although God is three persons He is one God, this is unity in the Spiritual sense as is when scripture speaks of the bride of Christ which is to become one with Christ. The church is the bride of Christ. Last but not least is that in the flesh sense Adam was created one, God took Eve out of Adam (or God took the female out of Adam) therefore the one man (singular) became mankind (plural). Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and become one with his wife. One flesh, the two join and become one again even for a moment in unity, reflecting the unity or the image of God as one. Also, do not mix Holy sciptures with the occult for what hath light with darkness. God does not tolerate fools neither will He alow his word (Holy scriptures) to be adulterated or mixed in with the occult or demonic or evil things. Be careful!!!!

  6. It is supposed to be taken literally. God established marriage as a sign or analogy about the eternal love shared between the persons of the Trinity.
    In the bible the analogy used most often to describe the relationship between God and humans is that of marriage. Why, because God has allowed something of Himself to be made known through the institution of marriage.
    God loves the Son and the Son receives and returns that same love so truly that out of their mutually shared love the Holy Spirit proceeds.
    Sounds just like marriage doesn’t it. A man loves a woman so much and a woman receives and returns that love so really and so truly that in 9 months you have to give that shared love a name.
    We also see that when Christ assumes a human nature that through both baptism and the Eucharist, we enter into the Covenant Family of God. Christ assumes a human nature so that we can, through Him, enter somewhat into very divine life of God. How? Because Christ is both human and divine.
    I know that’s brief but hopefully it encourages you to explore these ideas even more.

  7. I always thought the one flesh thing alluded to making a baby which is a composite of the parents. It’s not really talking about auras at all.

  8. Hey there, I never had a chance to respond to Capricorn after all this time! Like SteveP said the two becoming one flesh I thought was so obvious which is why I didn’t bother to mention it in my first post which is the act of procreation of course!!! The other thing you said Capricorn about Christianity not being linked together in any shape, form or fashion to the Occult; all I can say is, it better not be!!! Just with some of the posts here it appears some are confused with the two so in other words, what fellowship has Gods light with Satans darkness?


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