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Twin Telepathy – Do you find the Facts & Stories of Fraternal Twin Telepathy Interesting?


  1. The stories are quite interesting when you read them from around the world:
    – The story of twins in different countries buying the exact same set of clothes
    – One twin experiencing pain when the other (many miles away) was injured in an accident
    – One twin knowing somehow that the other is in distress
    In many cases, it’s the twin bond in action which closely resembles a kind of psychic communication. Twins often share the same birthday, were raised in the same household and see each other as a mirror image of their respective actions.
    When these actions mix with thought (which is what ESP and telepathy are about) the idea of fraternal twin telepathy becomes a powerful concept.
    The telepathy enigma is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it. But for the many twin brothers & sisters I’ve met over the years, the facts are very real.

  2. I am I fraternal twin, and me and my sister sometimes experience moments like that, but not all the time. Just yesturday she was giving blood, and I right when she was I felt pain in my arm, as if I was giving blood. freaky, right?


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