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Trying to see auras again but i'm afraid of see demons again, help?

i first tried to see aura about two years ago when i was 14 and i started to the the light/haze that was greenish that was closest to the skin and i was extremely excited, but i believe as a result i started seeing the haze and presence of demonic, or some type of evil presence. i was extremely frightened and devastated so i st oped trying to see my aura and other auras. at the time while this was going on i did not have a strong faith in Jesus and was reluctant in my belief; but eight months ago i was saved and fell in love with faith. sadly my relationdhipship with God is not always strong 24/7 and my life has not change dramatically and i wish cconstantly that i was a better christian. i believe that if our relationship was stronger i could start practicing see auras again without fear of evil presences but im not sure if i should try again. any advise?
and i dont see aura as witch craft but more like seeing halos [jesus had one] and i would love to be able to read people this way and possible heal them as well
any help? i dont even know what im really asking for but answer this please. and sorry its so long


  1. If you feel that u have a demon following you go to a church and get a priest to pray for you and stop doing all this witchcraft you say ur a christian jesus says don’t to which craft its practically worshiping satan in that case if you still do it i would consider u a Satanist

  2. i would advise against seeing auras if you are christian. mostly because i feel it is witchcraft. my best advice is to pray to god about it. focus on his word and whatever you do make sure he gets the glory (not you). i’ll be praying for you too cuz i bet this is scarry for you
    -God bless

  3. I have no idea why you saw demons. Seeing auras has nothing to do with religion, heaven, hell or anything else. It’s just training your eyes to defocus so that you can see the light energy that surrounds all living things. It’s a natural phenomenon which is always there whether you see it or not. I think that’s what the “halos” are in the paintings of Jesus, Mary and the saints.

  4. I don’t think auras are evil. Nothing on this earth is here to harm you. That negative thought process you have is a demon. Please do not be scared. You don’t need to see auras. It is just light and energy around you like star said.

  5. Hi,
    I myself am psychic and i have had to deal with negative psychic experiences since i opened up psychically in 2006.
    What has helped me immensely in regards to psychic protection is using an energy technique called the Maharic Seal,it has instantly relieved me of psychic pain felt in the physical body from psychic attacks and has helped a lot to buffer me from negative spirits/astral energy vampires.Since you seem to be sensitive in a psychic way i really recommend using the Maharic Seal,iร‚ยดll also give you another link containing another energy technique that you can use immediately after doing the Maharic Seal if you feel like you need an extra boost in psychic protection from time to time but the Maharic Seal alone can do wonders.If
    you are energy sensitive you might very well be able to feel the refreshing Maharic energies as you pull your seal up,i feel them like mentholatum a bit,you know,that kind of fresh feeling! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyways,i hope that these energy techniques can help you.
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  6. No, it has nothing to do with witchcraft. otherwise Jesus, Buddha, etc. would not have a halo around them.
    First, the reason why you saw the demonic energy, (in which seeing is by NO MEANS similar to a human aura) is likely because it was just there when you tried to see your own aura. being less religious at that time, it probably wanted to harm you. A demonic aura is, and always will be, black. But far different than any human’s ‘black’.
    They’re bound to have red mixed in when they are provoked or angered.
    Second, always keep an open mind and don’t critize ideas too much when using your Third Eye techniques. Every bit of information helps.
    I say this because I’ve had a personal experience with a demon, and I had long believed in God before it happened. Evil does not discriminate the believers from the non-believers, so protect yourself regardless of who you are.

  7. I have been a born again Christian since I was 6 years old. Im now in my mid 30’s. I’ve always seen demons, and auras around people. It used to be a very confusing thing to me, I never understood why I had to see the “dark side” of the spiritual world, and would ask to see angels instead. As to auras, I see them around peoples heads. Rarely around the entire body. I dont know what it means, though the colors are almost always, White, Yellows, Blues, or Purples.
    It was nice to come across this blog, as I feel sort of like a side show circus act. The anonymity of the internet can be a wonderful thing. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about these things, maybe we can figure things out.

  8. wow some of you have no idea as to what the hell you are talking about seeing auras has nothing to do with religion these so called demons are just the evils of man and the darker black just means that they are that much more evil than others as for the others here that see auras its not witchcraft and if you are religiuos then its fine to use the auras to protect yourself from those types of people but remember auras can be changed to fit a persons mood as well so it gets harder to read them unless you spend some time studying the lights

  9. hi guys another post from you, ๐Ÿ™‚ Paul i can help you with that, Im christian so i can show you its in the bible, and young guy at the top of the thread, if your starting to see this stuff you need to give your life to christ, It stops all the demonic stuff, Paul your a seer, young guy your trying to be, dont do it without god. you need a pentecostal church and a prophetic pastor, if you need help we can chat, ive walked this stuff for many years, its good with god (christian) its not without, you may see some pretty stuff but it all goes bad. Green is bad its sickness, pray to god ask jesus into your heart and you will be better than fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ j

  10. Really if you saw a demon, there’s no telling if they’re evil or not… keep trying to see auras, auras appear in all Worldly entities whether they’re evil or not, you decide, but if they are evil, you better be ready for a hell of a fight, because they’re not leaving without one. Demons can be born of an Evil entity, but not be evil themselves, try to communicate with it as you would with a person, this really isn’t witchcraft, just something everybody can do, it isn’t really good, but it isn’t bad at the same time, its just… there doesn’t really have a reason to be it just is.

  11. Seeing auras isn’t bad and it’s by no means witch craft it’s a gift. I can see auras and sense if they are dangerous or not simply by the colors. And not all demons are evil so please don’t be scared. There are such things as good demons. I should know. I have one that dwells inside me and has helped me through my life. I don’t regret anything I’ve done and don’t let someone push religion and say it’s wrong. Do what makes you happy and keep trying to see auras it can help you. trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • excuse me matthew but no single demon is good, and the one you are saying that dwells in you is not good either… you are just being deceived. remember that satan is the father of lie, and his demons are liars as well. i know that you are brainwashed already so you won’t believe what i say, but please at least question your belief…

  12. there will be people who will urge you not to worry, it’s not bad or demonic, that you should continue…but don’t believe them. i myself have been deceived into believing that maybe it’s not all bad coz i’m not doing anything wrong like lying or hurting people, i’m just curious and it’s all for fun. but then by doing so you are opening up yourself to demonic possession, before you know it they got you under their spell. and the only way to break it, and do it now as early as possible, is to stop it! pray to jesus to help you know the truth…and He will set you free.


  14. Why do you need to see Auras so bad? Why not focus on seeing things that God will eventually present to you. Far better – Jesus showed me a glimpse of an area in Heaven once, and Gold was glittering everywhere it hurt my eyes. It happened for only a split second, but seeing Auras is nothing compared to what I say. So focus on Jesus and soon enough you’ll see things from Heaven. Trust me on this.


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