Home Discussion Forum Trying to find the right path...{Shamans/Pagans/Wiccans help}?

Trying to find the right path…{Shamans/Pagans/Wiccans help}?

I am 17 yeard old, and I do not know what path i should follow….
I don’t beleive in any one “God” or Idol, I beleive that there is energy in everything and a way to communicate with everything. I want to learn how to understand and interpurt the energy that surround us. I also beleive in a ” Astral Plane” or spirit realm. We are the rulers of the physical realm, yet i want to be able to …shift…so to speak, into the astral realm to learn and eventually speak with the rulers of that realm.
I don’t know which path i should follow, i have been thinking deeply on shamanism but a shaman is more of a cultural thing, something i can’t just immitate…Which path of beleif should i follow?


  1. no one can decide which path you should follow except for yourself. But from what you said I would say you are a Wiccan even if you are not yet practicing. Good luck, and may the journey down your path be wonderful. Blessed be.

  2. You might look in to Druidism, and or just plain Witchcraft.
    The path you follow is a personal decision, no-one can tell you which is best for you.
    I would suggest reading up on as many pagan practices as you can and going with the one that draws you the most.

  3. I generally suggest that you explore the tradition of your ethnic ancestors, they often resonate with an individual.
    Also you are likely to find many of the concepts and practices that you are drawn to in Shamanism, in most of the older cultural traditions.
    Good luck, and may the road rise to meet you.

  4. When you go down the wrong path you will end up at the wrong destination. It’s that simple.
    If you ask for directions, don’t refuse to follow them because they don’t agree with the way you want to go.
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the WAY, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

  5. You said that you didn’t think you could be a Shaman because it wasn’t part of your culture. So why don’t you look into the Pagan path of your ancestors. That’s what I did. After exploring several Pagan paths which included. Wicca(eclectic), Celtic Paganism and Stregheria I discovered that none of these were right for me. So I decided to get back to my roots. Thereby discovering Norse Heathenism. The more I read the more I feel that this is the right path for me. No one can tell you which path is right for you. Utimately that is up to you. You will know it when you find it. There is no need to rush. Take your time and enjoy exploring the various Pagan paths.
    Blessings and Light, Lady Freyja

  6. I think a spiritual journey begins with more basic
    things, and perhaps eventually may get into the
    sorts of metaphysical aspects you mentioned.
    The metaphysical world is the place deity lives.
    You can’t take a proper tour of the place without
    permission from the owner. I recommend that you
    begin by focusing on the origins of spirituality, and
    learn how it came to be where it is now.
    Our religion is an ancient “Mystery Religion”.
    If you go to our website you can learn the basic
    ideas. If you then join the temple, you can take
    the Mystery Teachings and receive training in
    the metaphysical aspects of the universe, as we
    understand them. After that, you could become
    a Priest, and use your knowledge to help others.
    That’s the path I suggest. You can message me,
    if you want a link to our website.

  7. It sounds like you are pulled to pratice shamanism, as what you’ve said defines it well. If you look into a bit more you may learn to see the practice of shamanism quite a bit differently.
    I’d like to invite you to our shamanic discussion group, Vine of Souls. Feel free to come in and have a look around. We’re here to answer questions and kick subjects back and forth. You may indeed find that shamanism is the oldest religion or spiritual practice in the world, and it is just as easy to practice it today as it was 35,000 years ago. There is a difference between practicing shamanism and being a shaman. Being a shaman is never the goal, unless your called by Spirit to become. We can talk about all this and more if you like, we hope to see you at Vine.
    Blessings, E
    Owner of Vine

  8. Shamans, Wiccans… etc are all in the Pagan group.
    So you are a Pagan.
    My path is mixed. I am an Eclectic witch.
    This means I take things from shamans, wiccans, chaos, satanist and see what I like and can use.

  9. Trying negates itself. Let go and be in the now. Meditation or getting your left brain out of the way helps clarify, distill, and open one to possibilities beyond what all religions are pointing to. Because there is the knowledge path or the experiential path. One leans on a collection of ideations, the other requires faith, authorship, and the ability to be a “creator” in your own life. So what would you rather be, a follower or a creator?


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