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Trying to change my mind…?

I feel that I’m going through some kind of transition.
I want to even say a spiritual awakening.
Letting go of judgements and fears and trying to view the world from another perspective has been trying, and I’m putting it lightly.
I would like some advice from someone who has or is going through the same thing.
Was reading Bhagavad Gita, last night and feeling like a failure.
Is it really possible to obtain what they’re saying?
Thankyou in advance and Blessings


  1. Similar thing happened to me in college. Many people will tell you that a book can only do so much, like teaching you to ride a bicycle, eventually you have to actually get on the bike.
    I read a LOT of books on Zen, hinduism, buddhism, etc… As well as science. I suggest you do something similar to see what really appeals to you and use the ideas in your life. Or you can find someone from that discipline as a mentor.
    The final truth, if you ever arrive at it, will not be easy, but it is liberating.

  2. yeah i am totally going through the same ordeal. the best thing i found was to dapple in everything- research all religions and see what really inspires or feels right. i also asked myself why i was feeling this way- and after making a list of things- i acted on that list re-prioritizing certain thngs in my life. what has really worked for me so far was taking long walks with no headphones just me and the open air- it’s very refreshing and healthy too! everything is possible in certain dimensions meaning don’t leap into something that may overwhelm you- just do what you can and each day get a little better at what you want to achieve- that is completely human and will end up with better results

  3. Yes it is possible, but it takes effort to change the misconceptions of a lifetime.
    There is little that needs to be learned but much that needs to be unlearned or forgotten. It is not what we don’t know that keeps us stupid, it’s what we think we know that limits us. Your effort is what matters. The idea that you are a failure is a product of the judgment that you have learned to spew in ever direction. The bad part is a lot of it gets slopped on us in the process.
    Remember, you have always been exactly what you are seeking. It has never left you for a moment. All you need to do is notice the truth about yourself. There is nothing stopping you from noticing but judgment, And nothing to fear except your truth.
    Email I you think I can be of any help.
    Love and blessings Don


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