• Jesus was probably a real person, no matter what Paul and his followers tried to make him into. Other than that, Right on!

  • I’m an atheist who believes in true science. Have you read darwins origins of life? I find evolution to have a lot of the qualities of the fairy tale of creationism. I have some discrepancies with the dharma from what I can remember, but maybe I’m wrong–i’ll look it up and let you know.

    I believe in mathematic logic, the subjectivity of truth, the seach for greater and greater truth within oneself (truth is progressive with new knowledge). I believe in compassion for the innocent and helpless, that children have a right to not be beaten or “spanked” and that people are responsible for their choices in life as well as the outcome of those choices.

  • I agree that I should probably go back and get another bowl of soup. This is some damned fine meat and potatoes!

  • Evolution is a partly understood theory of development. Not really a proven truth yet.
    Science seeks truth but does not always find it. at least it tries.
    Dharma I am not sure about but if it means you get back what you put in, then it is true.
    ( the rewards of effort)
    YES the Fiction is fiction.But entertaining at least.

  • No.

    Neither Evolution nor Creationism have been finally and definitively proved to be true. Therefore, neither can be classified as either fact or fiction.

  • Once again, like an evangelical zealot, you present a simplistic “no brainer” black and white view of the world, and once again, what might be true for you is just that; only your truth.

  • I love how you slip in ‘The Dharma’ in the end. No I think that whatever the dharma is, it probably belongs to the bottom section.

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