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Truly interested in the craft. The so called labels of witch, wiccan, shaman, Christian have me confused.?

I could be considred a solitary witch. Problem is I don’t feel comfort with some things witches may do or believe. Same goes with being a shaman, or christian. Being a total Wiccan would not work for me. I am sort of a conglomeration of all these things. Is this considered neo- paganism?
I believe in God, herbs, animals, the power of word and color. I don’t believe in church, I know God is everywhere in every thing. I believe in the power of dance, in the Godess, life is all opposites. Spirits, meditation, an it harm none do as ye will. I love my animals, the earth life as a gift to be treasured. I believe old is better an new is fun. That the way we choose can hurt or help, and things do come back at us. I believe the night and the moon and wordless music has power. I thank the creatures that choose to live with me and give me strength. I believe stones and metal from the earth have power, and most of all, I believe power is in us to discover.
Said I could be considered a solitary witch by definition, didn’t say I was one. I do study, alot, about all the things a Wiccan is supposedly suppose to do. Calling the four corners, making the circle, candle magic and much more. My thing is I don’t believe that there is need of all the symbolism of tools and rituals and cloak and dagger so to speak to have the power to do magic. It’s a state of mind that can be obtained without all that if u know how. I read, I study, I live it, I do it, but by definition, what would it be called?
Read above my beliefs. I did not say I was a witch. I don’t get why people assume I don’t study, practice it or think about my own beliefs. I live it! I am in the country with no one around, my animals, plants and any other creature that comes along. I have had years to discover who I am. I am not asking anyone to show me my path. I know it. I am asking what my path would be called based on the things I believe and don’t believe.
Eclectic? That was not something I ever considered. More learning for me. But how does anyone self dedicate to a path like this? There are so many different ideas on what and how things should be done. I only have the Internet, books, and the desire to learn it. No one here to show me any proper anything. it’s basically hit or miss for me in the discovery department.


  • I think it is a habit of church to categorize different beliefs. that is why they have denominations. many different paths can lead to the same destination, but each path has a different name. If nothing fits the way you would like it to, then name yourself. share your beliefs and if others agree, Tell them your idea name. they can accept it or leave it, but you will still be you no matter your faith’s name.

  • I’m with you on the not accepting all of Wicca. For me, I think it was a bit opposite from you. I don’t mind the Wiccan form of witchcraft (cloak and dagger and all that, if that’s what you want to call it) and much of Wiccan philosophy and belief makes a certain amount of sense, but the most key teachings (god/goddess duality, rede, threefold law) I could not accept.
    I ended up self-dedicating as eclectic pagan. I’ve become comfortable with this. It just means I draw inspiration from several different traditions and religions. I would consider you an eclectic pagan, if you asked me. “Neo-pagan” isn’t a path, really. It is, like ‘pagan’, a bit of an umbrella term. I think eclectic is more descriptive in your case (and mine).

    Then again, what you describe could still be a form of Wicca. Not all Wiccans are witches. Yes, most traditional covens practice witchcraft and Wicca is very tied to its craft, bt it is, first and foremost, a religion and since you already accept the deity form of Wicca, you might consider whether Wicca does fit you, after all, just not all the associated crafting.

  • The problem here is that you are calling yourself a Solitary Witch..then saying you don’t feel comfortable with some of the things Witches may do or believe..such as? then you go on to say you don’t want to be a ‘total Wiccan’? i don’t understand that part. This is spiritual grazing. You are looking for someone else to validate what you do and who you are instead of putting the effort in to find out for yourself. People Simply cannot name your path for you. I am sorry to sound harsh, but unless you are prepared to work it out for yourself it just isn’t going to count for much in real terms. i would suggest you read, reflect, study, and partake of all the things you wrote in your additional details, then perhaps the answers you seek will be revealed.

    In your additional response you have basically answered your own question.

  • You’re either Wiccan or you’re not, there is no total Wiccan, no half Wiccan, no demiWiccan…there are only Wiccans, and you’re not one.

    Name something you believe in, that would help identify what belief you have.

    Edit: Despite some non-Wiccans seeing “Wicca” in your answer, I just don’t see it. You’re clearly a monotheist, even if there are shades of pantheism and panentheism in there. I really don’t see anything specifically Wiccan about your beliefs, and you’ve described something that ranges from some more metaphysically oriented forms of Christianity to agnosticism with the occasional ritual. Which begs the question why you’re so concerned about cramming your beliefs into a box…mo one can walk your walk with the gods, or “God” as you call them EXCEPT you, and the label you slap on your box isn’t important.

  • Wicca is a religion.

    Christianity is a totally different religion. You can’t be both. (“Christian Wicca” is generally neither Christian nor Wiccan)

    Neo-paganism is a branch of modern pagan religions, including Wicca.

    Witchcraft is a magical practice. So what if you aren’t comfortable with what other witches *might* do or believe. If you’re interested in witchcraft, practice witchcraft. It’s not dogmatic. It doesn’t tell you how to live your life or who to pray to.

    A shaman is someone who works a particular kind of spiritual magic for a community. It’s not something you just pick up from a book or a weekend retreat.

    Since you haven’t actually stated a single belief you hold, we cannot possibly figure out what the best label would be for you, other than if you study witchcraft (the craft) and practice witchcraft, you’d be a witch.

  • When I was studying Anthropology, I’d describe the Pagan Faiths as being “Post Modern” because they just couldn’t be neatly put into any one category/label, it blended across several distinct ones, & not just ones about Spirituality. (My Lecturer totally agreed with me.)

    I suspect this flexibility causes much confusion with myopic folks.


  • I’m not sure it would be called neo-paganism…there is a movement toward what is known as Christian Wicca. You might want to research that. But I can understand what you mean completely.

    I do not fit any of the religious “labels”. With my love of nature, Native American roots, belief in Jesus, and close associations with the Divine Feminine, I am sort of a Religious outcast…LOL!

    But I love God and feel the Spirit at work in my life. I have given up on fitting in to any one religion or belief and am concentrating on God, love, Spirit….and life! The only label that really counts anyway is being a “child of God.”

  • Let me give you something that I learned from my studies in Neo-Paganism: You make it up as you go.

    That’s it. There are no great truths that wiccans/shamans/neo-pagans derive from their religion. If they want to believe in something, then they choose to believe in it. If they don’t like something, then they choose to not believe in it. Every neopagan I’ve talked to has told me this as well. They don’t seem to understand that you cannot just pick and choose universal truths. For instance, if I take a knife and stab at my hand, it doesn’t matter whether I believe in the knife’s ability to cut or my skin’s ability to resist damage, I am going to be in a world of hurt. That’s just a truth of life.

    In short, neo-paganism is crap. You’re better off with just studying some form of philosophy that you could like (My particular brand of vodka is Stoicism). The benefits of this lifestyle are many:

    1) There isn’t a huge, overpriced market or sub-market devoted to selling crappy, mass-produced objects for one’s “Philosophical Development.” The majority of your costs would come from purchasing books on philosophy, but thanks to the internet and public domain laws, most of the great texts are free.

    2) People don’t shake their heads in disappointment when you’re reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, or Machiavelli’s “The Prince.” People do shake their heads at the local members of the Unity church who get together on Halloween, dance in giant circles around bonfires, and chant nonsense words while they pretend to be “spiritually deep.” I mean, I know that most of the members are 19 year old art majors who just got their first real jobs at the local Subway so they’re no longer under the oppressive boots of their parents, so they now know how the world REALLY works, but let’s face it, this crap will end when they can buy booze legally.

  • i think that is neo-paganism, you just kind of develope your own beliefs and make your own spiritual path. its not strict
    good luck!

  • why dont you read books on this stuff and so your research. I did that when i was in jr. high. After reading enough books i realized it wasnt for me. it’s ok for all this stuff to interest you, it is interesting, but dont get into something you dont fully agree with.

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