True story about Tom Kaulitz punching/slapping fangirl/stalker?

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I have heard so many different stories and I really just want to know the truth!
I’ve heard that he just slapped her and I’ve heard that he punched her so hard that she couldn’t hear out of one ear for a while! I know that the girl he punched/slapped belonged to a stalker gang from France called “The Afghans on Tour”, and that they had been stalking Tokio Hotel for the past couple of months/half a year. I also know that the Afghans on Tour egged the band members cars, threatened their mother, & that they also attacked Tom and Bill’s mother. The band pressed charges against them.
What i have heard was that the girl & her friends (I have heard that 4 or 5 friends were with her, every story says something different) saw Tokio Hotel at a gas station and went up them and some stories say that she tried to take a picture of them through the window and other stories say that she asked them to take a picture with her and asked them for their autograph. Then Tom threw a lit cigarette out the window and the girl picked it up and stubbed it out on his car. Then Tom got out of the car and punched/slapped her.
One story I read said that he also hit another one of her friends that was with her.
My friend just went on the Afghans on Tour’s Myspace and she said that their last log in was March 9th and their was a picture of the girl with a black eye. She said that Tom gave her a black eye when he punched/slapped her. But it was April 15th when Tom punched/ slapped her. I really don’t think that they would be stupid enough to post that picture on there more than a month before Tom even punched/slapped her.
So I really just want to know the truth about this whole story! I really, really, really, really, REALLY don’t want Tom to go to jail! I think that if anyone goes to jail it should be the Afghans on Tour because they have been stalking them for a while and they threatened them and their mother. Also if Tom were to have to go to jail, how long would he be in jail for?
Tokio Hotel was supposed to release a new album soon and they were supposed come to the US on tour this fall!

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NNNNNNOOOOOOOO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if they did threaten them then Tom is just protecting his family and that’s soooo cute and sweet… anyway im a HUGE FAN! yep, i heard theyre supposed to be releasing a new album soon and i CANT WAIT! i havnt heard of this before, let me check on google…yep its true sorry, i dont speak german i hope u do! HE WILL NOT GO TO JAIL MOI SUPPORTS HIM ALL THE WAY! those people should go to jail, threaten there family???? he did it becos he loves him mum and doesnt want her to get hurt so he protects her…though i guess he couldve called the police instead of doing her harm so he doesnt lose a few of his fans and on top of that go prison! there are a few articles on google do just type in tom kaulitz hits then enter and scroll down! best of luck to him!


It is true that he punched her and she did loose hearing in one ear, witch is good to me, for her, they are called Afghans on tour, and i don’t really like the name Afghans that much now, cause there terrorist people, And they did hurt there mom, and attacked her and they pressed a lot of charges against the four girls, My dad told me Tom probably wont get nothing out of this if the girls have been harrsing them for this long, my mom thinks so to, And I hear all kinds of stuff to but what I said is true, and If Tom does get something I think he just get probation witch just means he has to report in and all, But not jail, But I hope them terrorist girls get what comes to them, and what’s there myspace?


i think if he has to go to jail it would be for 5 years BUT HE WILL NOT GO TO JAIL!!!! btw I SUPPORT HIM 100% i mean srsly they beat up his mother and they threw eggs at his car and all sorts of stalkerish things so its just wat any normal person would do in that situation


Tom isn’t going to go to jail for this.
If he did it would be totally corrupt and not right.
He did absolutely NOTHING wrong, and that dumb girl got what she deserved. By-standers to the scene said that the girls where provoking him, causing him to lose his temper. I would too. He’s innocent! I love him! <3


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