True or False A “Bodhisattva” is found in the Mahayana branch of Buddhism.?

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Lester Diamond

True. A Bodhisattva is anyone who delays their entrance into Nirvana to remain and provide guidance for those in need. The Buddha himself was considered a Bodhisattva when he went by the name Siddhartha.


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Just to expand, a Bodhisattva is a being who has foregone liberation in order to help others attain it. Theraveda Buddhism (also known as the small vehicle) insists o personal liberation. Bodhisattvas are therefore a Mahayana (Big vehicle) tradition, because those schools put a greater emphasis on compassion.




True, it is found especially in the Mahayana branch, but can also be found in other branches.
This article can help you better understand it:

Yellow Rat

In Theravada the term Bodhisattva is used as well. It refers to the Buddha Sakyamuni before his enlightenment, but it does not have the same meaning as in Mahayana.

Bill P



Not true, in the early Pali-Canon, Shakyamuni Buddha was referring as the Bodhisattva, to distinguish him from other students who had achieved Arhathood.
It was later use exclusively in Mahayana for other saints, who have aspiration to achieve Buddhahood, while assist other sentient beings to achieve Enlightenment through their compassion acts. And Shakyamuni Buddha formally takes up the Title and referring as Buddha during this period.


True if you meant “found”, False if you meant “only found”.
The realistic School, Sarvāstivādaḥ (a branch of old Theravada), also has teachings about Bodhisattva who aspire to become Buddha. However, the teachings are quite different from Mahayana. The main difference being whether a Bodhisattva eliminates afflictions along the way towards Buddhahood? The realistic School says “No”, while Mahayana says ‘Yes”. In Thailand (non-Mahayana tradition), some monasteries (minority) are promoting Bodhisttvahood.


Well technically speaking i have to say False simply because Bodhisattva’s are not exclusive to the Mahayana branch of buddhism.
A Buddha is one who is awake or who has attained enlightenment. When they die they go to nirvana or attain pure happiness.
One who gives nirvana up in order to come back down and help others attain enlightenment, giving up their own reward to help others, these people are Bodhisattva’s.
So while a bodhisattva CAN be found in the mahayana branch, they are not exclusive to the mahayana branch or even the religion of buddhism.
So False.

Tommy H

Bodhisattva is found in many branches of Buddhism. In the glossary in Zhuan Falun Lecture on the web, Bodhisattva is defined as:
“Enlightened being with Fruit Status in the Buddha School, and one who is higher than an Arhat but lower than a Tathagata.”
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