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True of False: Women's sexuality is more reactive and selfish while men's is more proactive and selfless?

In essence women prefer to be pleased and have men initiate and give them foreplay and enjoy that more than pleasing the man, initiating and giving the man foreplay. It is the opposite for men.
Are there women who desire men just as men desire them?
Are there women who give an equal amount of foreplay?
Are there women who give as much pleasure as they take and bring their men to multiple orgasms through prostate stimulation and tantra?
Are there women who don’t put their pleasure first or does the woman’s pleasure always come first?
Are there women who intiate sex as much as their man intiates?
Are there women who do as much work during sex as the man? Do they work even when a man is on top the way a man would work when a woman is on top?
Are there women who fulfill their men’s fantasies just as much as he fulfills theirs?
Are there women who don’t use sex as a control mechanism?


  1. As much as I would like to disagree with you I have to admit this is a mostly accurate statement, I’m sure there are women out there who are not so selfish….and maybe that comes with age I’m only 25 so I’m not quite seasoned yet. But from my experience this is fairly true

  2. You know what; you make a really good point! But some men like to be pleased by a woman… those are the men with the whips and chains in their closet, and extra food in their refrigerator for the night…

  3. This is fascinating to be honest, because in my experience a majority of this is true.
    I think because men hunger for sex so much more than women, women use that to make us work harder. Gay men have it so much easier.

  4. False. (im a woman)
    If i took an overall answer to all your questions, i give more to him than he gives to me, most of the time.

  5. first part:
    usually, and no not always
    second part:
    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes again and yes…lol Most women prefer to be approached, but I have known a couple that threw me down and just took what they wanted.. (like I put up a big fight..lol)

  6. This is SUCH a stupid and biased question.
    Women desire just as much, but not always in a sexual way. Main reason TESTOSTERONE.
    Statistics say that up to half of all women don’t orgasm during sex.
    Do you know how many girls give head because their bf is too lazy to f*ck??
    How much work do you think men do when they are on the bottom, not much!! That’s for sure.
    For the record, a woman being on top is also much more effort than it is for a guy to be.
    I am sure a lot of guys don’t want their prostate stimulated as well.
    Plenty of guys that use sex as a control thing, and coerce their partner into doing it more than she would like.
    Sex couldn’t be used as a control mechanism if men would control themselves.
    Don’t forget which gender is inherently obsessed with sex.

  7. yups i like ur question and details also
    see in sex both men and women r greedy
    they both want more and more
    but the strategy is different females dont step forward for sex not even removing clothes
    so men have to….
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