Tried many Indian gurus but famed kundalini awakening didn't happen. Can someone help thru Internet?

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Is there someone learned enough to teach me kundalini awakening without me having to leave my home and come to him/her? I have tried many gurus in India but years of meditation and other techniques taught by them have done nothing whatsoever for me so far. Surely a real master can teach it even on the Internet.

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Perhaps if you were a real student, you might have learned something. I do not think the problem is the guru. You sound like the man with the prayer: God give me patience, and do it right now!


Please visit and you can get your self realization without going to any Guru.We become our own masters.
Any worthwhile view of the Divine realizes that God resides within each of us. He is there to be awakened as we become a part of the Greater Self.
It’s free.
You can even get your self realization online or going to nearest meeting place.

Some Fella

You could try Nadi Sodhana (hold your breath for a fixed amount of seconds whenever you breath in).
When you are able to hold the breath long enough you should feel it starting.
Don’t blame me if it works.
Also don’t blame me if it doesn’t.

Barry Evans

Suggest you try omdasji or madan gautam who will initiate shaktipat over distance through photograph.



Join our seminar conducted by our divine dato sri guruji
At malaysia
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Kundalini happens automatically with the cessation of desire. Give up striving so hard for Kundalini, and Kundalini will arise in you.
Rest – no guru can help you until then…and if anyone offers, it is commerce, not spirituality. I doubt if they can really help.


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