Tree Hugging Meditation

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Humans have an innate connection with the Earth. We are born with an invisible umbilical cord that bonds us with the ground beneath our feet. As we grow and get caught up within ourselves we lose that connection. For most the connection is not actually lost, but has been ignored or forcibly severed in our ego.

None of this changes the link we have with the Earth and the other beings that live on the surface in one way or another. One of the most powerful siblings occupants is the trees that rise above the surface and have roots that dig deep into the ground beneath.

This connection of above and below allows the tree to experience than the environment in which we live as well as the comfort and security of the earth that we cannot fully experience.

Have you ever hugged a tree? Hug a tree. And one day you will come to know that it is not only that you have hugged the tree but that the tree also responds, the tree also hugs you.

Then for the first time, you will be able to know that the tree is not just the form, it is not just a certain species the botanists talk about, it is an unknown God — so green in your courtyard, so full of flowers in your courtyard, so close to you, beckoning you, calling you again and again.

Tree Hands Hug Woman Nature  - Cairomoon / Pixabay
Cairomoon / Pixabay

Trees shower their unconditional love upon us, protect us, provide us with beautiful fruits and flower, and the means to warm ourselves.

It is therefore unsurprising that trees can also assist you with the calm of meditation and mediators can feel spiritual energy while meditating besides trees.

When you approach a tree in a friendly manner with no intent to harm or take, you can build a relationship with the tree.

It may take time and repeated visits, but once you have gotten to know the tree you will find a willing partner in meditation.

Tree Hug Meditation

These are two ways to be with a tree in meditation.

First is you can stand before the tree and wrap your arms around its trunk so that your throat, heart, solar plexus, naval, and root chakra’s are aligned and open to communication with the tree.

This will allow you to feel the transfer of energy between you and the tree.

Another way is to sit at the base of the tree, preferably with your back against the trunk of the tree, and imagine your body growing roots that are then entwined with those of the tree.

This enables the practitioner to emphatically exchange with the tree.

Breath is important when you are meditating with your tree friend. Keep your airway open so that you can take slow and calm cleansing breaths.

Through the connection you make with the tree you will learn the language of silence and be able to share your experiences with the tree as well as receive the same information from the tree.

Trees have a much longer life, usually, than humans so the information you can gather in understanding through your communication with the tree may surprise you.

Knowledge of your place in this world and in the scheme of existence may come to you through this connection and provide the enlightenment of understanding that was once lacking in your meditation.

Man Tree Hugging Tall Huge Fat  - Mojpe / Pixabay
Mojpe / Pixabay
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