Yawning – A Spiritual Awakening?


I have followed higher consciousness for almost 2 years now and my yawning patterns have changed. I used to breathe in when I yawned, now I don’t breathe in at all. I just open my mouth wide and my ears dont work the right way. You know, when you yawn and for some reason your hearing goes out. I have tried many methods and sorts of ways to understand the Universe and the more I communicate with higher consciousness and think things in my mind that are of a higher truth I “yawn”. Some say it is because you are tired and want to go to bed “subconsciously”. No one can define the subconscious or the dream world or yawning. Dreams are a gate way and a yawn tells you you are being CALLED. Your questions will be answered. We yawn in sync as higher consciousness travels from one mind to the next through the spirit realm. Yawns may cause physical response but that does NOT mean that it is caused by a physical stimuli. Science starts from the physical. Who says anything starts from the physical?

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