>> Would you ATHEISTS turn away from ATHEISM if you were touched by an angel ? <<?


Or if you saw a messenger angel. And that angel gave a great
revelation to you. About having a calling on your life, and being able to help people by telling them about CHRIST.
I could imagine if you had a great awakening, like Scrooge
did, when he denied Christmas. How you would react to
life, if you knew the consequences of your actions and your
ways ? I mean, to have something like this take place, is
bigger than a vision. You would be taken completely out
of your element, and put in a position like never before.
Or like the man who looked up in the sky, and saw a Cross
beneath the clouds…… He led Europe to a spiritual revolution.
And guess what, he used to think of The Almighty, the same
way some of you do. Now. Would you Atheists turn away
from Atheism, if you were touched by an angel ? That
would be your proof. Best answer wins. ~~~
Hey Kryan 957. If you don’t like the
questions I asked, then don’t answer
it you meathead…..


Would I renounce Atheism if I was Touched by an Angel? Well obviously I would since I’d have undeniable proof of the existence of divinity; the lack of is the reason I’m an atheist in the first place

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