It seems like a lot of girls like me, but not in the romantic way. I want to know if girls would like a guy like me in that way. Please dont tell me, “just ask them out and see”, because I have a hard time doing that for some reason. Also, some advice would also be very much appreciated. Here are some of my interests and personality traits: Calm, very peaceful, funny, compassionate, loves future and ancient technology, is a traditional and spiritual martial artist (non-sport), loves nature, loves the rain and spring, very intelligent, loves video games and movies, mainly listens to electronic music such as trance but has a very wide array of musical tastes, and dislikes high ego and closed minded people. I am for the most part vegitarian (for religious and health beneficial reasons). I also have mid-back length hair (which I keep very neat and brushed, btw). I am not a hippie. Please dont call me a hippie. I just prefer having long hair is all.