They were the two best wizards alive and both wanted the crystal wand located at the top of mount power. The black caped wizard set out on his journey towards the mountain, he had to walk for days since the mountain was so far away. He walked threw the woods of death and sailed the sea of anger. On his journey to the mountain he meet a jennie, the Jeanie said that he could grant him one power of his choose that he didn’t already no. the black caped wizard thought long and hard about which power he wanted, he finnaly decided on the power of super speed. We come to the red caped wizard as he gets ready to set out towards the mountain, he sets out and his journey is just as dangerous as the black caped wizard. He went threw the land of the forbidden and over hills of doom, he finally met a Jeanie who said he could grant him one power he did not already have. He thought long and hard about what he wanted, he finally decided on the power of flying. So both wizards were getting close to the mountain and they could taste victory. They both finally made it to the mountain at the same time, they gave each other an evil glare and set out to climb the mountain the red caped wizard started out first with the black caped wizard following behind, the red caped wizards flying was just as quick as the black caped wizards super speed. Further and further they climbed. Both casting spells on the other as they went along. They were almost at the top and the red caped wizard cast the worst spell of all knocking the black wizard down the mountain, the red wizard got the crystal wand and became supreme ruler of the land.