I’m a Chrisitian, based on Christian beliefs. and I have to admit psychic powers are like one of my most favourite things to do. I can create psi balls and move objects, and I wanna try the pyrokinesis which requires ki energy. But will all this attract spirits and demons that I don’t want here, just as a seance or something along those lines would?

I really enjoy having psychic powers and being able to freak people out with them and move objects without even touching them. I can even make particles soften up, I’ve bent stainless steel cutlery 180 degrees using Crown Chakra mixed with a Psi Ball and twisting once all the energy is focused.

I need help guys.
If this is gonna start attracting shit I don’t want I’m dropping everything.

Also, you’d only understand if you’re a Christian I guess. But anyone that can give me information would be really appreciated..