Wiccan Help–Spiritual Matters Crisis. Help if you have a REAL answer..Help?


Okay, I am kinda new to the Wiccan Religion, so I need help, I need names of the gods and goddesses, (NOT THE ROMAN/EGYPTIAN ONES!!) And if there is a wiccan bible, holy book, etc? For the bible part I need a link please, For the names I don’t care if you type or link. WHO EVER GIVES BOTH, THEY WILL GET 10 POINTS


There is no such thing as a Wiccan Bible. There are many religions which do not have a central holy text which all believers are supposed to follow. Wicca is one of them.

There is no one name for the gods and goddesses. Different Wiccans follow different deities.

I think you need to slow down and continue your studies. Religion is not something you adopt overnight, and you can’t expect to have all the answers immediately. You’re clearly just starting out. Continuing learning about what Wicca is and whether it really speaks for you.

some reading suggestions:

basic info on wicca:

help on becoming wiccan:

Edit: I see in your profile that you just found out you are Wiccan. That doesn’t make any sense. Wicca is a religion. It is something you choose to follow. And if you’re just doing this for the coolness factor, please stop using my religion as a game.

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