I have been friends with a very talented psychic, from Australia, and she works with the police station on locating missing kids. She has been Wiccan for over 20 years,and I trust her word, explicitly. But, when I had told her that another former friend of mine, also a psychic, who had done an energy reading on me, told me that i needed to cleanse my throat and heart chakra she balked at the very idea of chakras and Wicca ever mixing ! Now, I ‘ll admit, I am new to alot of ideas on Wicca. I am not new to Chakras, but when I was learning Wicca for the first time, I had a book on Chakras,and was confused,even back then .
I had found a book on them,and ended up throwing the book away,because I was told that I was “going to hell” . I had thought that, back then, Wicca and Chakras had no place together, since they were two totally different types of religion. But I had changed my mind on that, but want someone’s input: namely from those who are more knowledgeable in Wiccan practices.
This is my theory: They both deal with energy work.
They both deal with the body.
They both deal with the Universe. I’m also learning that they do co-exist.

Wiccan’s/ Pagans: What are your thoughts on this matter? I really need solid answers, as I have recently gotten fed up with mixed answers and walked away from this, and i am feeling the pull, but don’t feel ready , not just yet.
I also have issues with “Seeing is believing,” and the fact, that my father, was an athiest.
I’ll admit: his views really had been ingrained into me, even at a young age,whether or not I knew it.
I have not had any faith on the whole bible / jesus/ god/ thing. I’m told, ( I won’t reveal her name,tho) that I should step back from Wicca,then find out what I really want to believe in.

I came to learning about Wicca,as a step in the whole faith/God/Goddess idea, because I had no faith in the bible,god and jesus and the ten commandments crap.

Wiccan’s,pagans, some thoughts, please ??
Serious answers, only: all religious condemnation, and christian philosophy will be deleted.