In my personal experence, and what I have heard. People with golden halos in thier auras are very spiritually advanced.

My cousin, who is an athiest has a perfect radiating clear green aura without any other colors and a medium sized gold halo.

Whats up with that?
For all of you that have been asking how I see his aura.

When I was very young I was able to see auras, then I lost touch with God…..
Or spirituallity, To be more politically correct.

After that I couldn’t see them, but then found it again, and was able to see auras.

I have noticed that peoples auras have more to do with thier spiritualitty than thier chakras. Chakras are more of a personal feeling than somthing psychics can see. Chakras are an entirely different subject, although they do intertwine in some areas.

I have noticed that only the spiriutually advanced have halos, those with close relationships with some form of spiriutuallity have them, usually only a silver or white halo. How could sombody with no belif in any spiriutually, have a gold halo?