Ok last night I was laying in bed. I was using my phone to use the internet to look up some info on a gift of mine called precognition. anyways as I’m laying there I get hit by a feeling of all my energy being sucked or drained from my body. When I attempted to use a gift of mine, clairaudience and clairvoyance, I couldn’t. I had no energy. What was more strange was that I also didn’t have the energy to hold my phone up. Then I started to lose focus. If it is relevant I also have had a headache the past two days. What I find odd about it is that its located where my third eye is. Without my third eye I can’t use precognition. What also came with my headache was overload of clairaudience. It has been like the smallest noise sounds like an explosion to me. With clairaudience I can also do telepathy, reading minds. That has been killing me the past two days. Because I went to wal-mart yesterday and I accidentaly spilled a drink I just bought. When that happened my headache hit and all the people’s thoughts got into my head. I could tell a lot of people weren’t happy with me. I don’t like being in crowded areas when I get thoughts. Its like an overload. Yet like today the only person I’ve been around is my mom. I could hear her thoughts across the house. Its been maddening.

I need to find out what has been draining my psychic energy and I need to get the noises quieter. Any suggestions?
no i don’t think its demon. i’ve seen a demon before. not the feeling i got last night. i was calm except for the loss of energy and lack of focus. i don’t have any symptoms that you listed. also demons make a room cold. odd considering they come from the firey underwold, but I’ve been in a room with one i know the feeling. and aren’t occults evil?

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