Why is my consciousness inside this body?


I know this seems a little crazy but I have never been able to get over how strange it is:

Out of all the people born and existing through out history and still alive today, why did I happen to be this one? It’s really hard to understand…

I mean what the heck am I, the part that is observing all of this? I mean I know I can see my body and interact with physical objects, but I feel like there is something underneath that is observing it happening, something sort of timeless.

Does anybody else think it’s strange?


The truth is, you, whoever you are reading this comment, you are me. We are all the universe. We may think you and me are separate, but its only an illusion. in the end we will be one, once again, forever and ever. We were one, then many, then one. That is the nature of the Universe, exploding and collapsing on itself, for all eternity

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