like, they require a deity really, to set the paths out, or to give any reason why the stars would affect our lives
so why when many say that there are no gods at all and the rational evidence to show astrology, a load of rubbish (no offence)
i mean these beliefs are thousands of years old, by superstitious ancient people – why do many modern people?

(-_-) – as a matter of fact, i happen to believe in God, but as far as i see, there is no basis in the Christian faith to believe we are destined – i don’t mean to cause offence, but i think its stupid
dazed and confused – i’ve read horoscopes, they are so vague and 99% of the time, they don’t come true – yes you can twist them sometimes, and someone once said not to expect too much of them – i see that as saying that the idea of fate and horoscopes is stupid, unsupported and unreliable.
i am familiar with some of the beliefs about the moon, thats why the word lunatic came into being
i think its much more rational to believe that a God made our universe than stars affecting us
the constellations aren’t really there either – although from our point of view you may be able to make a symbol out of it, not only are the stars far apart on a flat surface, but taking depth into account, some stars are thousands of light years BEHIND another one
moon affecting tides and our bodies is no correlation – one is a physical effect, the other is just superstition you can’t try and draw a parallel to them – thats really grabbing at straws….
i’ve never seen einstein relativity theory applied in that way before…