Aleister Crowley was an aristocratic madman who sacrificed hundreds of children to Satan and was banished from Italy. I don’t think there is any question of the profoundly negative influence his work “Magick” had on the elites of his period and which has subsisted through government actions through to today. If you’ve ever seen one of those Italian sadistic films (I saw one in an arts class at Concordia University) where young children are imprisoned as sex slaves, and forced to perform all kinds of sadistic sex acts – and are shot if they try to escape – then you know where this stuff comes from.

I’m getting some ridiculous answers like:
– “In order to be a satanic you have to believe in Christianity” [satanism includes those who DON’T believe in Christianity]
– “satan is no more real than god, Pixies or Leprechauns Grow up.” [how can anyone just ignore these people who murder children and sacrificing them to satan; rape, promote violence, drugs, etc, so that’s perfectly natural to you???]
-“Most of the time these people are joking around and that doesn’t count as true intent” [i can’t think of anything more organized than a music industry that uses Crowley explicitly and implicitly]
– I’m not trying to incriminate you if you do practice Satanism, I actually think that’s fine if you do – just try to focus on the question and please stop the personal insults – it doesn’t help answer the question.