I was raised Christian, but once I was old enough to examine it, I read the bible, and found nothing but hate, hypocrisies, and things I could not bring myself to believe. Going to church was awful. No matter how hard I tried to believe (because I thought I had to), Christianity always felt wrong.

Now, I am studying Buddhism. I am attending seminars at the Zen center downtown, reading anything I can get my hands on, and have started practicing zazen. Everything feels like it’s falling into place. I read something and think “Hey, that’s what I’ve always thought!” Doing zazen, I feel whole.

If Christianity is the right religion for everyone, as some people claim, why does it feel so wrong to me, while Buddhism feels so right?
Just so we’re clear, I accept that Christianity may be the right religion for you, but I know it isn’t for me. I’m addressing this to people who think that everyone needs to be Christian.
Luau Macao, those are rather common misconceptions, but thanks anyway. 🙂
byHisgrace, Buddhists don’t follow any god. Buddha was never a god. He was just as human as anyone else.

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