Hello friends, I have become very spiritual lately and payed more attention to my dreams and meditation. I can meditate quite well and i have develpoed a technique to tune into different brainwave frequencies.

My question is that I seem to get extreme euphoria from caffeine, especially when I just relax and meditate. I dont drink or abuse any drugs, exept for a little marijuana now and then.

This afternoon I had 2 cups of coffee and decided to relax on my bed. The caffeine high had drowsed away and i was feeling very emtpy and in a bit of a bad mood, then suddenly the biggest spiritual enlightenment occured. Suddenly I felt a buzz in my head and I experienced a massive spiritual uplift, I dont really know how to descibe it but it was as intense or close to feeling stoned. I felt like everything was lifted up and my room was shining and vibrating in wavy patterns and I felt this warm euphoria over my body like if I was beeing baked. I have had something similar before and reckon it is the pineal gland releasing DMT or dopamine wich i sometimes experience before going to bed depending on brainwave frquencies, but when i get that rush I’m usually unprepare and i get a little scared.

But this time I was automatically aware of this uplift for some reason, like my body knew it was coming and was calm to.

This was during an open eye meditation, i was just zoning in and out staring at a point.

I wonder if I have a unique reaction to caffeine, that it makes me unnormaly high? I have tried meditating without caffeine as well but I think its harder because the caffeine calms me down wich creates the dopamine and i think some kind of chemical drug reaction happens after that?

I have also read alot about caffeine so no need for wikipedia or anything, I just want to know why I get this extreme euphoria?

Thanks from Norway!
I warmly appreciate any help!