Why do Christians think that the Jewish faith doesn't include reincarnation?


To top it off they claim this with complete confidence in their opinion as if everyone knows this.


Hi there passive Heretic`

I think it depends on which branch of Jew you are.

* Conservative Judaism
* Humanistic Judaism
* Liberal Judaism
* Modern Orthodoxy
* Orthodox Judaism
* Reconstructionist Judaism
* Reform Judaism

Conservative Judaism is a form of traditional Judaism that falls halfway between Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism. It is sometimes described as traditional Judaism without fundamentalism.

Conservative Jews regard Israel as not only the birthplace of the Jewish people, but also its final destiny. Their behaviour reflects the wish of Conservative Judaism not to denationalise Judaism.

The flexibility of Conservative halakhic thinking was demonstrated at the end of 2006, when the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards ruled on Jewish law and homosexuality.

A panel approved three contradictory rulings: one of which approved gay rabbis and same-sex commitment ceremonies (although it found physical sex between men was not in line with Jewish law), and two of which did not. This left individual congregations and institutions free to choose which ruling to follow.

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