Why didn't God send Jesus to be born before the Buddha, so as to have a head start on acquiring followers?

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Or did the Buddha already foresee such a calamity, and beat him to the punch?


Buddhism=7% of humanity
Christianity=38% of humanity

Buddha had a 500 year head start on Jesus. Jesus learned how (from holy men in India, some of which were Buddhists) to foresee and heal people (learned partly from the Celts). This was a major bonus in a time when medical insurance was non-existent. Buddha didn’t foresee, he philosophised, he didn’t heal, he offered sound advice, his path wasn’t wrong, it only lacked some of the practical uses of spirituality.

You keep waddling into religion instead of belief and spirituality. Belief in the Creator has no bearing on the religions that developed from their teachings which are not spiritual at all now, which are oozing with religion and virtually no spiritual connections (except that religion’s teachers pretend it is because they don’t know anything about using dreams and visions.)

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