I just posted an innocent Q about Tolle and Oprah’s online class of his book, A New Earth, and it was reported and promptly removed.
Why doesn’t the person who did that,read the book and see for him or herself? They are acting from fear and ignorance, and what someone has brainwashed them to believe. Don’t worry, if you read the book, the devil will not inhabit your brain.
CosmicCoyote, you are going to get this one deleted too!
I am laughing at this. How seriously and voraciously people cling to their concepts and teachings. Not sad, funny. Very funny. LMAO!
I remember being told from a very early age that when people start believing the same thing, unifying, coming together, it will be the end of times. I see the opposite happening. There is nothing to fear people, except fear itself.
Tamara S~ I agree. Never laugh at, only with. Remember, we are talking about those who are reporting innocent Q’s that just don’t jive with their current belief system. Laughter, I feel, is an appropriate response to that.